As a way to help you through these unprecedented times, Scholar's Choice will be launching a series of webinars to provide ideas and solutions, alongside experts from across the country to share their thoughts.

Tuesday: Webinar series discussing the changes in the childcare environment and how this impacts the care and safety of the child and caregiver.

Thursday: Webinar Series for parents and caregivers discussing how to keep your children captivated, engaged and having fun during this extended school and childcare shutdown.

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Do you know of any Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, Parents, or Grandparents who would benefit from the ideas and solutions we share on our webinars each week? Help to grow our community so together we can achieve our mission: To give every child a reason to love learning so they can achieve their hopes and dreams. 


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Happy People

Our webinars benefit all educators, parents, and grandparents! 


Andrew Smith

"Thank-you for all the ideas! I didn't know there are so many ways to play and have the kids learn at the same time."


Susan Peters

"Great tips! I was able to apply them to my activities for the classroom."


Amy Sherman

"The advice was awesome - I also got a certificate the next day that applies to my hours!"

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Certificates are only awarded if webinars are watched live for 40 minutes.

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