This fun and engaging craft lets your kids live out the popular mother goose poem, Hickory Dickory Dock. Your kids can colour the clock their favourite colours and have fun acting out the poem with your own felt mouse!

You will need:

Colour Your Clock!

1) Colour your Scholars Choice Hickory Dickory Dock printable with your favourite crayons! 


2) Using your scissors, cut out a small arrow in your construction paper and use that for your hour hand.


Make your mouse!


1) Take your piece of felt and cut out your mouse body. If you are unable to do so yourself don’t be afraid to ask someone older for help!


2) Next lets cut our pipe cleaner to make 6 tiny whiskers, the leftover pipe cleaner will be your tail.

3) Take your glue and glue your eyes, whiskers and tail to your mouse.

And there you have it! You have a new fuzzy friend and a beautiful clock for them to climb. Once your done use your imagination to name your mouse. Does he have friends or does your mouse like to climb the clock all by itself?

Now that you mouse is ready, use the clock to set the time and use it in your poem. Don’t forget to run you mouse up, down and all around your clock!

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