FREE Webinar FAQs

Certificate Criteria

  • 1) You cannot be unsubscribed to our emails.
  • Note: If you are unsubscribed to mailing list and would like to re-subscribe follow the instructions by CLICKING HERE
  • 2) You must watch the webinar with your unique link provided to you upon registration of the webinar.
  • 3) You must stay a minimum of 40 minutes in the live room
  • 4) You must watch the webinar live at 8:00 PM (EST)
  • Note: You will be sent to a Replay Room if you are 10 minutes late to the webinar. Although you will be able to watch the webinar, you will not qualify for a certificate.
  • 5) Only one person per account can receive a certificate.

6) You must have completed our webinar feedback form. This is provided during the live webinar and/or emailed to you.

  • 7) Certificates expire in 3 days unless subscribed to the Vault.


How do I register for webinars?

Sign up for our Free webinars here. Scholar's Choice tries to hold one every second Tuesday of the month at 8 pm EST.  Join our mailing list to get an email for upcoming webinars. Alternatively, keep an eye on our social media pages to find the link to our webinar.


How do I get my certificate?

An email will be sent to you to confirm your information within 48 hours of the webinar ending. You will only be able to fill in this information once so please make sure all your information is correct. You must be present for a minimum of 40 minutes of the webinar to receive a certificate.


How can I download or print my certificate?

Certificates for webinars that you attended can be accessed here. Certificates will appear on your account within 48 hours of the last webinar you attended.  Certificates expire from your account within 3 days, so please print them off.  Permanent access to certificates are available to Vault Members.  Click here to register to the Vault


What happens if I don't get my certificate?

If you do not get a certificate please check all of your inboxes and check junk folders. Try searching in your search bar and make sure the search is open to all inboxes. If you are unable to find it any inbox please email us at


Why wasn't my certificate emailed to me? How do I re-subscribe to your mailing list?

If you didn't receive your certificate via email, you may have have unsubscribed from our emails.  To re-subscribe you can follow these instructions. You must be subscribed to receive a certificate.


When will my certificate arrive?

Within 48 hours of the webinar ending


Can I watch a webinar after it was live?

Yes! We will send out a link within 48 hours of the webinar ending or Click Here to our Free Webinar Page to access a direct link. Just sign up for the webinar and you will receive the link. You will be able to watch the webinar for 96 hours after the webinar ends.  

Please note, certificates on replays are ONLY available for Vault Members. Click here to learn more.


Can I get a certificate if I don't watch the webinar live?

No, unfortunately, to receive a certificate you must watch the webinar live. We have no way of checking how much of the webinar you watched during the replay, these certificates are a form of training and we have to be fair with how these are distributed.


I am using a Gmail Account

If you are using a Gmail account some of our emails will get sent to your “promotions” inbox located alongside the “primary” inbox. Please make sure you do not have this inbox disabled or you will not receive emails from us.

I am using a work email account and not receiving emails

Sometimes work accounts block emails from certain addresses. If you seem to be missing emails from us, have checked all folders, and are subscribed to our mailing list, you may need to contact your I.T support to make sure Scholar’s Choice is not a blocked contact.