Mar 22

Fun, Quick, and Easy Easter Crafts For Toddlers

These crafts will keep the little ones busy and help them work on their fine motor skills. 

We love crafts that don't require a lot of setup, cleanup, or extravagant supplies. These two crafts are easy to show young kids, and can be used again and adapted for future craft times. 

Pom Pom Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed: 

Paint, paper, pom poms, lid or tray for paint pallet, and clothespins.  


Cut out an egg shape from a thick type of paper like cardstock. If your child is old enough, draw the egg shape and let them cut it out on their own. 

Clip pom poms to clothespins, matching the paint color to the pom pom color. Let your little ones go to town decorating their own over-sized Easter egg. Challenge them to draw lines with their pom poms, create bigger dots, and mix colours. 

Q-Tip Egg Patterns

Supplies Needed: 

Q-Tips, Paint, paper, and a lid or tray to use as a paint pallet.


Put a Q-Tip in each paint color and let the kids design their own egg patterns. Challenge them to make the smallest dot the can, use a zig-zag pattern, fill all the white space, or layer colours. 

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