Aug 12

Top Classroom Decor 2021

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With the new school year only weeks away, every teacher will be thinking of fun and creative ways to decorate their classrooms. To help you with...

Jul 21


Puzzles, Scholar's Choice

Get your children interested in reading with Scholar's Choice Storytime

Jul 15

Create Your Own Cardboard Tangram Puzzle

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Jul 08

5 Ways Puzzles Can Help Activate Your Children's Brain Power

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If someone was asked why they would do a puzzle, the first thing that might spring to mind is that a puzzle is a fun hobby or a way to pass the...

Jun 21

Create a Home Learning Environment for the Summer

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As the Summer Break approaches, it is important to help children continue learning to prevent summer learning loss. Remember that learning does...

Jun 10

Don't Let Anything Interrupt Your Next School Year.

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As the School year comes to an end, teachers would normally be preparing for a well-deserved break, taking some time to relax before thinking...

May 27

Helping Prevent Children From Experiencing Summer Slide 2021

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Did you know, 84% of teachers say students forget or lose skills, knowledge, or grade-level equivalency over the summer? Here are some more scary...

Apr 29

The Playful Learning Approach

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The Scholar’s Choice vision is to ensure every child has a reason to love learning. It is our belief that this love of learning is key in helping...

Mar 11

5 Reasons to do Arts & Crafts

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5 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Children to do Arts & Crafts

Jan 14

Amazing Furniture for Outdoor Learning

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Not spending enough time outside affects a child’s health, well-being, and development. Time outdoors is great for both mind and body and makes...

Dec 04

Emily's Gift Guide

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Dec 01

Reducing Anxiety and Depression in your School with these Mindfulness Techniques

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Why Mindfulness is Important for your School

During these unprecedented times depression and anxiety has been rising in children and youth. It is...

Nov 18

Top 5 Fun Games With An Added Educational Bonus

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Keeping your students engaged can be difficult sometimes, especially around the holidays.  Incorporating games in your classroom is the perfect...
Nov 18

5 Games that are Fun and Can Help Children Learn

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With the holidays approaching, getting children gifts that keep them engaged in learning can be difficult. Every child loves games. They can...

Nov 12

Loose Parts

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Scholar's Choice - Loose Parts