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It's Party Time: Celebrating Birthdays in the Classroom

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Birthdays are a special day for kids, and celebrating it in the classroom has become a tradition for many teachers. They're fun, exciting and can help boost the energy of the class for the entire day.

But, birthdays can be more than just fun. Being the focus of a celebration can help boost a child's self-esteem and help them form strong friendships in the classroom. These relationships can last throughout the year and help kids foster and develop strong social skills.  With all the fun, games, and friends, its easy to see how a classroom birthday can create some incredibly positive memories for your students. 

Here are some of our favourite ways to celebrate birthdays in the classroom!

  1. Sing Happy Birthday

    An oldie, but a goodie. Singing is the classic way of celebrating happy birthday and can fit into any birthday celebration routine. Singing has many benefits for students when done in the classroom. Singing releases endorphins and creates a happy, energetic feeling for those involved, making it a great way to boost the classroom attitude. Singing has also been proven to help increase confidence, selfp-esteem and a strong feeling of commuinity and sense of belong. So belt it out loud, proud and with a smile.


  2.  VIP for The Day

    Making a kid feel special on their birthday is a great way for them to celebrate! By making them a VIP for a day you're giving them the ability to direct and control what the classroom is doing. Kids can pick out or bring in their favourite book for story time, choose the days P.E. game, pick their seat for the day, or get to use a special set of materials when it comes to doing classwork.

  3. Birthday Crafts

     Crafting is often a key part of a classrooms day to day routine. When you have a birthday in the class it can be a fun option to offer a birthday themed craft. Crowns and desk decorations are easy to make and will only require some basic crafting materials to complete. 
    105_Fun_Favor_Pak2017hrThe Wikki Stix Fun Favors pack comes with 15 sets of Wikki Stix crafts. Kids can choose their design, make it and take it home to show their parents!

  4. Birthday Gifts

    Many teachers love to give out a birthday surprise to their students. This can be done in a variety of different ways. A lot of teachers like to let the birthday boy or girl choojuse their gift from a chest or birthday box. Some teachers prefer to create a fun take home bag, which lets the student take their gift home and continue the party with their parents.   
    A birthday gift is a great way to make a child in your classroom feel special, and you don't have to break the bank doing it. Recognition rewards like the Furry Friends Happy Birthday (1) and the Superhero Birthday Stickers (2) sets are a great visual way to celebrate the students birthday, while a glittery birthday pencil (3) or wristband (4) will offer a gift that will keep on giving. 

  5. Involve the Parents

    Often when they are available and the school allows it parents will want to be involved with the birthday celebration. Cookies, ice cream sandwiches or other bake goods can be sent in to share. It is important for parents to know what is and is not allowed to be brought into the school, so make sure parents are aware of your schools policies. Parents may even want to be a part of the birthday celebration, so making sure they know the schools visiting process and scheduling a time for their visit may be required. 


Celebrating Birthdays in the Classroom

  1. Why is celebrating birthdays in the classroom important? Classroom birthday celebrations are more than just fun; they contribute to boosting a child's self-esteem and forming strong friendships. Being the focus of a celebration helps children feel special and fosters positive memories, contributing to their overall well-being.

  2. How can singing "Happy Birthday" benefit students in the classroom? Singing "Happy Birthday" releases endorphins, creating a happy and energetic atmosphere in the classroom. It also helps increase confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of community among students, making it a valuable addition to any birthday celebration routine.

  3. What are some ideas for making a birthday child feel like a VIP for the day? Making a child feel special on their birthday can involve allowing them to direct classroom activities, such as choosing a favorite book for story time, selecting a seat, or using special materials. Giving them control over certain aspects of the day can enhance their sense of importance and celebration.

  4. How can birthday crafts enhance the celebration in the classroom? Birthday-themed crafts, such as making crowns or desk decorations, add a creative and festive element to the celebration. They provide an opportunity for students to engage in hands-on activities while also contributing to the birthday atmosphere.

  5. What are some ideas for birthday gifts in the classroom? Teachers can offer birthday surprises to students in various ways, such as letting them choose a gift from a birthday box or providing take-home gift bags. Recognition rewards like stickers, pencils, or wristbands can also serve as meaningful gifts that celebrate the student's special day.

  6. How can parents be involved in classroom birthday celebrations? Parents may want to contribute to the celebration by sending in baked goods or participating in classroom activities. Teachers can communicate school policies regarding food items and visitor procedures to ensure a smooth and enjoyable celebration involving parents when possible.

Arts & crafts, Gift, Holidays, School age, Birthday, craft, crafts, toys, music, teacher, kid, fun, parent, celebration

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