Activities for Fall Learning

Fall is a great time to learn about nature. The season change creates a magical atmosphere that inspires curiosity in what is happening in the outside world.  The leaves are changing and leaving a colourful blanket outside that make the outdoors seem like a completely new world to experience. Here are some of our favourite ways to learn about fall.

Learn About Farming and Agriculture

The fall is an important time for farmers and agriculture across Canada. Crops are ready to be picked and many farms open their fields to schools and parents for educational visits. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are a great opportunity to learn about and discover how important farms are in Canada. Kids get to learn about how crops are grown, cultivated and processed for tasty treats like cider, juices or baked goods.


Modern farms are great to learn about how our food is cultivated, but a Pioneer Village is a unique look at farm life from Canada’s past. These great educational destinations offer a wide range of learning experiences to discover how early Canadians lived, learned, and farmed.

Discover Nature

With so many kids buried in their screens, Fall is a great time for kids to get out side and learn about nature. With all the incredible changes happening right in front of them, kids get a visual representation of what can be a difficult subject to comprehend. Encourage your kids to get outside, get dirty and learn more about the world around them. Fallen leaves are a great way to educate children about their local foliage. Have them hunt for as many leaves as they can, and then use their matching skills to find the type of tree they came from.

Nature_discoveryThe Big View Bug Jar (left) and Jumbo Magnifier (right) are great tools to get your kids out and learning about nature. 

The nature of Fall offers a wide range of ways to reinforce other lessons like colours, math, insects and bug habitats, the life cycle of nature and nutrient cycling through composting.

Fall Themed Crafts

A great aspect of Fall is all the free craft supplies! Leaves, pine-cones, sticks and so many more materials literally grow on trees! Use all these materials and more to create some fun Fall themed crafts! Many traditional crafts are still just as fun and educational as they were years ago; Leaf rubbings, pine-cone bird feeders and pine-cone stamping. Even an ordinary rock can become an inspiring fall craft that kids can leave around the school yard.

The Fall season gives us lots of crafts to complete both seasonal and holiday themed. Here are some great craft ideas we found online!


Acorn Hands via Crafty Morning


Pine-cone Hedgehog via Mum in the Mad House


Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Magnet via Today's Creative Idea's


Leaf Foxes via Glued to My Crafts

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