Sep 21

Discover Fall with the Kindness Rock Project

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With the weather cooling down and the Fall season creating a beautiful landscape, it’s important that we get outside and enjoy it! But, for many people, this can be hard due to things like a bad day or a problem that just won’t go away. Enter… The Kindness Rock Project.

A Kindness Rock painted with a boat scene in front of other rocks.

What is The Kindness Rock Project?

The Kindness Rock Project was started by Megan Murphy of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Megan was a jeweller who wanted to make a positive difference in her community, and she wanted to do it anonymously. So, Megan wrote 5 positive messages on rocks and left them on a local beach she often walked when feeling low. Her thought was, “If I do this, others must do it to”, and even though she didn’t know it at the time her rocks would go on to inspire countless others around the world.

Rock 1Via - Kindness Rock Project on Instagram

After placing her first 5 rocks Meagan was sure she would never hear about them again. Then one day a friend of hers called with a surprising message. She had found a rock, and it had made a difference. This short phone call was all the inspiration Megan needed to start a movement, and The Kindness Rock Project was born.

beach_rockVia - Kindness Rock Project on Instagram

Megan began reaching out and motivating others to paint their own rocks to hide.  Since then Kindness Rocks have become a regular find on beaches, trails and even school yards as complete strangers look to inspire.

The Goals of the Kindness Rock Project

The goals of the kindness rock project are simple:

  1. Help people feel like they are not alone
  2. Spread kindness and positivity to strangers

How to Get Involved

It’s easy. To become a member of the Kindness Rock Project all you need to do is paint some rocks and hide them for strangers to find! So, get your paints, brushes and let’s ROCK THIS PROJECT!

rock-collectionVia - Kindness Rock Project on Instagram

What you need:


This is the easy part! Go outside and find some rocks. Flat, round, and not to pointy!


The best paints for rocks are outdoor and patio paints. These are designed to last in an outside environment and come in an assortment of colours. But, they are permanent and can often be messy for kids to use. We carry a rainbow of washable paints that can be used to paint your rocks. Tempera paints, like Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip are easy to use, washable and can be sealed on the rock with a handy home-made sealant.


Kwik Stix come in a variety of sets including our 24 Metalic and Neon (left) pack and 6 Classic Colours (right) pack. 

Paint Accessories

If you’re painting rocks, you will need some brushes and paint bottles! No spill paint cups help keep paint off your tables and floors and even come in hand kits like the No Spill Paint Cups & Brushes 4 Pack (left).


More advanced artist may want more tools to work with and would love the Totally Brushes Value Pack (right) with an assortment of 25 brushes, sponges and texture tools!

Home Made Sealer 

Any crafter has some experience with these types of sealers. Made from glue and water it is commonly used for making collages or creating decoupage art. The sealer is made by mixing 2 parts white glue and one part water. Elmers Glue is available in multiple sizes and is great to use to make your home made sealer!


Add extra layers to make sure your Kindness Rocks will last outdoors!



Arts & crafts, craft, crafts, Fall, Discover Learning, paint, Nature, Kindness, Wellness, The Kindness Project

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