The Scholar’s Choice vision is to ensure every child has a reason to love learning. It is our belief that this love of learning is key in helping children achieve their hopes and dreams. We believe that education is the critical ingredient that children need to reach their full potential and that parents and educators need to work together to ensure this happens. It is essential that parents realize that the most critical time to make a positive impact on your child’s education is from birth to grade three. At Scholar’s Choice, we believe children deserve our best. We utilize an innovative and inspiring approach to children’s learning; we call this the Playful Learning Approach. This approach embodies five main principles:

1) Children Should be Given Opportunities to Self-Direct Their Own Play

We all like to be in control and children are no different. Studies have shown that the ability to direct their own play helps to increase focus. This can be key for keeping kids engaged during educational play. When kids can be the boss, they will naturally incorporate methods of play they enjoy into the lesson. When they are being directed, however, it is common to see kids become disengaged with the activity, looking for something new that can hold their attention.

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2) Children Develop Social and Emotional Skills Through Play

Children need time to be with and interact with other children. Just like all mammals, interaction is how they learn to understand and develop social skills. While interacting with others, kids can learn to identify emotional signals for things like happiness, sadness, and confusion, all of which are displayed in group play sessions.

3) Children Explore and Learn with All Five Senses

Your senses are directly linked to your brain and its ability to store information. The more senses you can engage during a lesson, the more likely that lesson is going to be retained. Therefore, it is very important to develop lessons that offer multiple ways for kids to stimulate their senses. Studies have shown that we will retain up to 98% of learning when using experiential play that is hands-on and engages multiple senses.


4) Children Are Given Endless Opportunities for Discovery-Based Play

When children can discover something themselves through play, it becomes part of them. The sense of discovery adds a feeling of accomplishment that makes it easier to retain what you have learned. When you tell them, it takes away from that discovery and can limit the retention of a lesson. That is why discovery is such a critical part of the learning process!

5) Children Are Given Multiple Opportunities to Express Themselves

Children need to understand that what they say, think, and feel is important. When children express themselves, they are more engaged and will be more interested in the subject being taught. When children feel what they say is being heard, they also become more open to engaging in communication and verbalizing their thoughts and feelings. This opening up of communication can drive improvements in communication, self-expression, and more!
Through these five principles, Scholar's Choice aims to provide innovative, inspiring educational solutions to bring parents and educators together to help children achieve their hopes and dreams.

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