Jul 15

Create Your Own Cardboard Tangram Puzzle

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*Note to access the tutorial video click the right arrow button on the video frame twice until you reach the second video.

This is a super easy craft to do! All you need is:
-Kwik Stix or Paint

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1) Measure out a 30cm x 30cm square on the cardboard and cut it out! Within your square measure a smaller square 27cm x 27cm, leaving enough room for a border!

2) Cut out the inner square and draw different shapes on it creating your puzzle pieces! Cut these shapes out.

3) Paint your puzzle pieces and then take your frame and glue it to another flat piece of cardboard. This acts as the back of your puzzle! 

4) Time to Play! Encourage your child to try and solve the puzzle!

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*Please note when using sharp tools to cut make sure this is done by a responsible adult.

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Puzzles, Scholar's Choice

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