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Get your children interested in reading with Scholar's Choice Storytime

Children of all ages benefit from reading, whether this is independent reading, group reading, or listening to someone else read. 

From a young age, the more words that children are exposed to directly impact a child's development in language and literacy. Children's books are designed to grab a child's attention. The illustrations, the way the book is written, the colours, and the storyline.

Here are 5 Scholar's Choice Storytime videos that your child will love, and will help inspire you when you create your children their very own reading list.

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On Our Nature Walk Our First Talk About Our Impact on the Environment
by Dr. Jillian Roberts with illustrations by Jane Henrichs

This book is inquiry-focused and uses age-appropriate language and tone to help children shape their understanding of the world and how they can help to protect it.

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The Colors of Us
by Karen Katz

Bold illustrations celebrate diversity with a child’s open-hearted sensibility and a mother’s love. Seven-year-old Lena and her mother observe the variations in the colour of their friends' skin, viewed in terms of foods and things found in nature

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Be Kind

More than ever the message of kindness and speaking to our children openly and honestly about what is happening in our communities and around the world is so important. That is what the Be Kind book is all about.

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My Heart Fills With Happiness
Monique Gray Smith and illustrations by Julie Flett

This book was written to support Indigenous communities, and to encourage young children to reflect on what makes them happy.

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Marvin the Mindful Marmot Comes to his Senses
Sherry - Lynne Kirschner

This book is about Marvin and the 'mindful mates' learning about slowing down, paying attention, and focusing on their senses as they learn to eat mindfully!

This book also features guided Mindfulness Activities and ideas that you can do with children at home or in the classroom. This book also includes helpful mindfulness tips and tricks for parents and educators.

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Puzzles, Scholar's Choice

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