Jul 21


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Get your children interested in reading with Scholar's Choice Storytime

Jul 15

Create Your Own Cardboard Tangram Puzzle

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Jul 08

5 Ways Puzzles Can Help Activate Your Children's Brain Power

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If someone was asked why they would do a puzzle, the first thing that might spring to mind isthat a puzzle is a fun hobby or a way to pass the time....

Sep 25

What is Keeping Your Children Safe?

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As children transition back to school and child care, learn about all the products that are keeping your children safe.

Keeping children safe has...

Jun 26

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

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Summer is upon us once again, concluding another school year, but as we are all well aware a school year like no other. COVID-19 has affected our...

Jun 14

Understanding our Children's Sensory Needs!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has given parents an entirely new set of challenges in how to entertain and educate their children while in quarantine. 


Apr 19

Make Every Child's Birthday Unforgettable During COVID-19

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Make Every Birthday Memorable

Birthday celebrations have a different look this year due to COVID-19. We all know of a child that has a birthday who...

Apr 12

How To Keep Children Entertained, Healthy, and Learning at Home!

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How To Keep Children Entertained, Healthy, and Learning at Home!

As many schools and childcare centres are closed due to the current climate, we as...

Feb 20

EVERY Child Can Achieve Their Hopes & Dreams

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Our brains are built to regulate responses to our exposure to sensory stimuli, the things we touch, smell, see, hear and taste. The link between our...

Feb 13

Extending Learning Through Puzzles and Games

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Our President Scott Webster discusses how to extend learning at home through Puzzle & Game play, using the principles of the Playful Learning...

Jan 30

Promoting Kindness with Games

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Promoting Kindness with Games

Jan 23

Your Engagement Their Development

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Being truly engaged and involved in a child’s learning you must understand how they see the world by being at their level, participating in their...

Jan 21

100 Days Smarter with 100 Teaching ideas

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100 Days Smarter

Jan 16

Puzzle Play

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At Scholar’s Choice, we utilize an innovative and inspiring approach to children's learning; we call this the Playful Learning Approach (PLA). The...

Sep 28

How to Become a Pro Puzzler

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Jigsaw puzzles are great for people of all ages. They help puzzlers develop and improve their cognitive skills and have also been proven to improve...