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Your Engagement Their Development

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Being truly engaged and involved in a child’s learning you must understand how they see the world by being at their level, participating in their play, showing interest and actively engaging with them. The first 5 years of a child’s life are critical to who they are going to become and lays the foundation for their future success. A major influence in this is having a caregiver’s involvement and engagement, building confidence, security so they can succeed.

A key tool to use to be engaged in a child’s play is a Tuff Tray. These trays are versatile, easy to set up and clean down and can be used in a household, a classroom or a childcare centre. They can be used for infants to primary years children. Placed outside or inside. Used with many materials toys and objects. The Tuff Trays can be used for small world play, where children can explore and create magical environments where they can learn to discover, grown and learn new things. The Playful Learning Approach shows that; Play is the work of the child. We as parents, teachers, and caregivers are there to give them provocations (their tools) and the children direct their own play (their work).

Tuff Trays have endless possibilities for the development of skills and key learning concepts in the form of; sorting, patterning, fine motor, mathematics, language, STEAM, the list is as long as your child’s imagination. Setup is key, have toys, have tools, have the area children can play, give children the opportunity to explore. A child’s imagination should not be confined, let them ‘color outside the lines with their play. Setting up a provocation gives children a choice, they may or may not follow what you have set out for them, children need to discover for themselves, their imagination is limitless.

Wherever they play, in the classroom or in a home setting, it is important to participate and engage in a child’s learning and play it affects every child’s development and so when a child is engaged in play it not resolving issues at home but in the classroom but also their future success.

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Puzzles, Scholar's Choice

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