Feb 23

Indoor and Outdoor Activities For Rainy Spring Days

Childcare, outdoor, water, rain

In the springtime it seems to rain nearly every day, so why not embrace it?

Here are some products for your childcare facility that kids can play with outside, even in the rain!

Mud Kitchen

Watch kids get busy mixing, blending, and creating with this robust wooden mud kitchen perfect for your outdoor childcare space. Kids can use this kitchen year-round, creating concoctions with water, mud, snow, and sand.  

Water World

Children become mini architects, engineers, and scientists as they experiment and explore the different challenges of this wonderfully versatile resource. Use with water, balls, or cars and watch things whoosh along the channels. 

Want to keep the water, but stay dry indoors? How about these activities that provide the fun of water without all the mess: 

Clear Sand and Water Table

Keep this table indoors in the winter and move it out in the spring so that it gets used all year round for pouring, squishing, and playing. 

Giant Teapot

Everything is better when it is over-sized, isn't it? This set of four massive teapots will thrill little ones as they play house outside or host a tea party inside. 

Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks

This set of ten rubber duckies is great for both an indoor water station or for floating in a puddle outside. The dots on their backs and the corresponding number on their belly help visually teach children numbers and number sequences. 

Childcare, outdoor, water, rain

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