Mar 15

5 Reasons Why Spring Outdoor Play is Important

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While the weather might be a little unpredictable this time of year, springtime outdoor play is essential for children. Here are 5 reasons why spring outdoor play is important for your children:

Building Your Child's Endurance

Think about your own body, and how it begins to change when you go from being active to not for a certain period of time. Our children can experience the same sort of thing.

They don't have as much stamina after a winter inside, especially after the particularly long winter we had this year. In order to be prepared for summer activities, think of spring as a way to get little bodies ready.

Vitamin D

There is controversy regarding sun exposure. Regardless of the debates, there is a lot of research that the body needs vitamin D from the sun. If we wait until the summer to head outside, the kids have to be completely covered in sunblock or risk sunburns.

Springtime sun exposure can help children develop a bit of a base layer, making it safer for their skin to absorb at least a little vitamin D throughout the summer months.

Beyond the clear impact on our mood as well, gloomy winter weather can cause us to eat more (think about how much more you pack your children in the winter months, or how much more snacking they tend to do). We produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays in bright sunlight.

Beyond the established immune-enhancing benefits, raising vitamin D levels is also known to activate the production of leptin, which helps us stop snacking by signalling our brain and stomach.

Spring is Great For Discovering

Springtime promises some of the most amazing sights! Flowers blooming, animals are having babies, bugs are coming out, birds are making nests, and buds are budding. My personal favourite reason for springtime outdoor play?

You can discover more than you can in another season. You can easily get to the often inaccessible areas that in other seasons are poison-ivy or snow-covered during a spring hike.

Puddle Jumping

Honestly, what's better than playing in the rain and splashing in a few puddles? Puddle jumping is such a simplistic childhood joy that adults still love! So make sure you schedule some time to get on your rain boots and jump in a few puddles!

Enjoy the Spring Sunshine

Before you know it, summer will be here, and you'll be melting in 25-30 degree weather. So, enjoy the spring! Soak up all the educational, social, developmental, and physical health benefits time outside playtime provides. Foster connection, memories, and playfulness within your family unit—even if it is still just a tad chilly.



  1. Why is springtime particularly important for preparing children's endurance?

    • Spring serves as a crucial transition period from indoor winter activities to outdoor summer activities, helping children build stamina for upcoming physical endeavors.
  2. Why is vitamin D important for children's health, especially in relation to springtime sun exposure?

    • Despite debates about sun exposure, research indicates that the body needs vitamin D from sunlight. Springtime sun exposure can help children develop a base layer of vitamin D, essential for their overall health.
  3. How does springtime outdoor play contribute to children's physical health and well-being?

    • Spring offers unique opportunities for discovery and exploration, such as observing blooming flowers, baby animals, and budding trees. Outdoor activities in spring can foster physical health, social connections, and memorable experiences.
  4. Why is puddle jumping encouraged as a springtime activity for children?

    • Puddle jumping is a simple yet joyful activity that encourages children to embrace the playful side of spring. It promotes physical activity, sensory exploration, and creates lasting memories for both children and adults.
  5. What are the benefits of embracing springtime sunshine for families?

    • Enjoying the spring sunshine provides numerous benefits, including educational opportunities, social interaction, developmental growth, and physical health benefits. It's a chance to connect with nature and create cherished family moments before the heat of summer arrives.

Childcare, Classroom, Spring, Home, Outdoor play

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