Feb 09

Our Favourite Multicultural Products To Ensure Your Childcare Facility Reflects The Children In It

Childcare, diversity, multi-cultural

One of Canada's greatest features is its diversity, so why not celebrate that every day!

With our wide selection of multicultural resources, games, and toys, there is something to benefit every childcare facility. Take a look at some of our favorite products that showcase the beautiful mosaic of the world's people. 

1. Craft supplies

We carry many kinds of construction paper, crayons, modeling dough, paint, and markers that include a wide variety of skin tones so that the children in your childcare can create self portraits that reflect who they are and who their friends are. 

2. Books

We have way too many books to list, but a few of our favorites are the "Around the World" series, My First English Somali Bilingual Book, and Native Northwest Canada books including, Learn from the Animals of the Salish Sea, Ojibway Animals, and Learn the Alphabet with Northwest Coast Native Art. Many of these books would be great for building language aquisition and reading comprehension, but also can be used as inspiration for art classes too! 

3. Puppets

Role playing with puppets is so important for growing minds, so why not ensure the students can see a wide variety of people and experiences with their puppet choices? We have a fabulous set of Career Puppets that include various skin tones and gender roles as well as some gorgeous Native Northwest Canada puppets that include Sage the Owl, Splash the OrcaJoy the Hummingbird, and many more! 

4. Dolls

We have many inclusive dolls and doll sets to choose from in our stores and online. The 16" Multicultural Dolls Set of 8 is very popular--it includes four different skin tones and four of each gender. The 10" Lots to Love Baby Dolls have moveable arms, legs, and heads and come with little velcro diapers. 

5. Puzzles

Everyone knows that the Scholar's Choice puzzle selection is unbeatable, but did you know that we carry a wide range of multicultural puzzles for your childcare facility? Native Northwest Canada makes gorgeous wooden puzzles including the Eagle 12-Piece Puzzle, Journeys in Nature wooden puzzle, and a beautiful Bear 12-Piece Puzzle (pictured below). We also have the  Multicultural Families Puzzle Set by Melissa and Doug, and many more!

6. Games

The Salish Sea, Land, and Sky Bingo, Multicultural Bean Bag Fun, and the Native Animals Matching Game are all fun ways to get children playing and having a great time. 

Childcare, diversity, multi-cultural

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