Oct 30

The Importance Of Grandparents In A Child's Life

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Today, we wanted to give a little shout out to all the grandparents out there, living as positive role models and caregivers in their grandchildren’s lives. This one’s for you!

Grandparents, they bring more to the table than just the occasional baby sitting. They act as another source of unconditional love, a wealth of knowledge, and another positive influence on the lives of their grandchildren. But seriously, that’s not all!

They say, “it takes a village” to raise a child and that’s no joke. Children need endless positive influence, love, emotional support, and strong role models in their lives to help them grow into a well-rounded human being, and grandparents (along side their parent[s]) assist with that character development.

…And provide that little extra support for parents, of course.


Grandparents are a source of family history, and sometimes act as a link to family traditions and culture. With their wealth of knowledge, they have gained over their lifetime, the intergenerational relationship built between a grandparent and grandchild can be integral.

Children look to trusted grandparents as another role model in their lives and pick up on how their grandparents not only act but react to certain situations. When grandchildren are around their grandparent’s often, they learn how people they trust, besides their parents, act in different situations. Considering many grandparents are removed from the every day stressors of parenting life, they can provide a carry over into even more playful learning.
For example, while playing a game when the child sees that grandma isn’t going to throw a fit over losing they are learning good sportsmanship, and how to handle disappointment. If they help grandpa with dinner and he talks about how much he appreciates grandma, the child is learning how people love and care for others. This kind of quality time also helps children learn the importance of strong family bonds and builds fond memories that encourage healthy emotional intelligence later.


Lastly, grandma and grandpa's home is the perfect place to start showing your children that they are safe and secure in other’s homes. When visiting grandma and grandpa, children see how other relationships succeed, and learn how to act and follow rules outside of their primary caregivers watch.

So yeah... I'd say grandparents can be pretty great!

Now it’s your turn. Research shows that 9 out of 10 adult grandchildren, felt their grandparents influenced their values and behaviours in some way, and that some of their fondest memories have come from the time spent with their grandparent.

What are some of your fondest grandparent/grandchild memories?


Celebrating Grandparents and Their Impact

  1. What role do grandparents play in their grandchildren's lives beyond occasional babysitting? Grandparents serve as sources of unconditional love, positive influence, and emotional support for their grandchildren. They contribute to their character development, offer support to parents, and provide a link to family history and traditions.

  2. How do grandparents contribute to the intergenerational relationship between themselves and their grandchildren? With their wealth of knowledge and life experiences, grandparents play a vital role in fostering intergenerational relationships. They pass down family history, traditions, and cultural values, enriching the lives of their grandchildren.

  3. In what ways do grandchildren learn from their interactions with their grandparents? Grandchildren observe and learn from their grandparents' behaviors and reactions to various situations. Through quality time spent together, children learn about sportsmanship, handling disappointment, expressing love and care, and the importance of strong family bonds.

  4. Why is visiting grandma and grandpa's home important for children's development? Visiting grandparents' homes provides children with a sense of safety and security in different environments. It allows them to witness successful relationships outside of their immediate family and learn to adapt to different rules and expectations.

  5. How do grandchildren perceive the influence of their grandparents on their values and behaviors? Research shows that a significant majority of adult grandchildren recognize their grandparents' influence on their values and behaviors. Many cherish fond memories of time spent with their grandparents, highlighting the lasting impact of these relationships on their lives.

Childcare, grandkids, grandma, grandpa, Grandparents, family, emotional health

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