Jun 21

Create a Home Learning Environment for the Summer

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As the Summer Break approaches, it is important to help children continue learning to prevent summer learning loss. Remember that learning does not stop when school ends. Over the summer, children may come home with projects, homework, and essential studying to complete. A home learning environment creates a dedicated and supportive space for children to learn while at home. 

Home learning environments have multiple benefits for children who use them:

  • A quiet area to focus, free of distractions
  • Space to spread out work and tackle it piece by piece
  • Easier to organize their work
  • Helps to ensure communications from school are reviewed and homework assignments are completed
  • Gives children an area to keep and store their items, such as a backpack, books, paper, etc.  
  • Helps children understand timekeeping

Here are 3 key aspects you need to create an effective home learning environment.


Having a child's learning environment properly organized is the cornerstone to a great home learning environment. Equipment to help children keep organized are available in a variety of types, styles, and colours so children can customize their learning space in a way that they want. 

Caddies are great for desktop organization while storage like baskets and bins are useful to keep large things in such as educational games. Furniture such as bookshelves are a great way to keep their reading material and other large items organized. 

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Helping children make a schedule is great to keep them focused on the tasks at hand. Pocket charts and calendars are great for weekly and monthly tasks and can be filled up with projects, field trips, and special day reminders. 

It is important to make sure children aren't constantly studying and their workload isn't too big, include time for play and relaxing in their schedule. Timers, offer a solution to help children manage their study and play times throughout the day so they know how long is left.

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Home Environment

One of the most important things to remember when creating a home learning environment is that it is key to design a positive environment that is conducive to focus and work.  Good lighting and comfortable furniture are important to help a child focus. Allow children to decorate their space and make it their own. Posters and bulletin boards give children a chance to express themselves or showcase their accomplishments. The addition of fidget toys is also a great way to allow for self-expression while helping them to improve their focus during study time. 

Set up for Success

And there you have it! By considering these three key areas you can help create a fun and effective home learning environment for every child!

With summer approaching, it is time to get organized. Prevent the "summer slide" and help children continue learning throughout the Summer Break.

family, fidget, putty, storage, kid, fun, organize, organization, school, bin, home classroom, studying, study station, homework

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