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Our Most Popular French Games For Your Classroom

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Over the years, it becomes clear to us what products teachers simply can't live without.

There are many resources we carry here at Scholar's Choice that just fly off the shelves, so we thought--why not share this information with you? Here are the most popular French resources teachers across Canada are buying to help them make learning French fun. 

1. Zingo! Bingo with a Zing/Zingo Le Bingo Qui Fais Zing by Thinkfun (Ages 4+)

Zingo! is a great way to learn another language while having fun. Players can learn English and French by combining words, spelling, improving their short-term memory, and recognizing shapes and sequences. The first to cover his entire game card wins! 

2. Reading Games/Jeux de Lecture by Clementoni (Ages 5-7)

This box includes six educational games designed to be a fun way to learn to read French. Students will learn to read individual words, compose sentences, play with rhymes, and read stories. 

3. French Bingo by eeBoo (Ages 3+)

This version of French Bingo promotes vocabulary enrichment and hones perceptual skills. Teachers call out the object in French, then students fill their card with tiles by matching what the teacher has said to the images. The French names are included under each picture. There are six different themes that include: nature, vehicles, market, animals, clothing, and colors.

4. French Flash Cards by eeBoo (Ages 5+)

These beautifully illustrated cards introduce French to your students with eight basic vocabulary words in each of seven categories: nature, vehicles, market, animals, clothing, colors, and home. Each card is printed with the word, an illustration of the word, and the word in a sentence. There is French on one side and English on the reverse of each card. Suggestions for using the cards are provided, and include activities for storytelling and play acting, as well as ways to hone categorization skills. 

5. French Praise Stickers

Perfect for French homework, teachers are loving these simple graphic praise word stickers. 

Do you have a favorite resource you want to shout out? Leave us a comment or send us a message, we love to hear about what works best for you in the classroom! 

Classroom, french

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