Jan 10

Scholar’s Choice Picks: Top 5 Games To Play With Your Grandkids

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When the grandchildren come over, they are always seeking out new and exciting things to do with Grandma and Grandpa – the time they spend at your house should be fun after all!

At Scholar’s Choice, we have many games that you and the grandkids can play together that they will think are a blast, and that you will know are helping them gain new important learning skills. Games satisfy children's competitive desires and the urge to master new skills and concepts, including:

  • number and shape recognition
  • grouping
  • counting
  • letter recognition and reading
  • visual perception and colour recognition
  • fine and gross motor skills

Don't forget- games don't need to be overtly educational or academic to be rich in learning opportunities. Games can teach important social skills such as verbal communication, sharing, taking turns, patience, and cooperation. In addition, board games particularly help develop stronger attention spans by encouraging the completion of a game.

Here are some of our favourite new games that you and the grandkids will want to play again and again:

1. I Spy Dig In (Ages 5+)

Players experience frantic fun in this race against the clock. Using eagle eyes and nimble fingers, spot and find matching playing pieces before your opponents. Differing difficulty levels makes this a great choice for all ages!

2. 3D Snakes and Ladders (Ages 5+)

A classic game, with a new twist! Spin, flick, and slide your marble up the ladders, down the snakes, and be the first to reach home. 

3. Lemonade Standoff (Ages 4+)

Make building memory skills a game! Compete to win by earning the most coins at your lemonade stand. Just draw a card, look at what kind of lemonade your customer wants to purchase, then re-create it from memory. Kids will love pretending they have their own business that earns them money. 

4. Pipeline (Ages 6+)

Take turns attempting to connect a pipe from your starting point to the end. Sound easy? Everyone else is trying to do the same thing at the same time! Pipes will crisscross and intersect all over the board, making this brightly colored game a challenge for young and old.

5. Flying Pizzas (Ages 5+)

This high-flying game will have everyone jumping out of their chairs to catch the most pizzas! Players take turns giving and taking pizzas from other players, then putting pizzas on the grill. Don’t get too comfortable, because those pizzas come off the grill at breakneck speed! Be the one to catch the most pizzas, and you win! This game is great for developing hand-eye coordination as well as building social skills like sharing and turn-taking.

At Home, Games, grandchildren, grandkids, grandma, grandpa, Grandparents, board games

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