Is your home filled with games and puzzles, but you are running out of ways to store them? These ideas will inspire you to clean up your game shelf, and maybe even feature them in your home decor! 

1. Ladder Storage

Everyone has an old ladder hanging out in their garage, right? Well luckily enough, old ladders are now trendy shelving units! 
Idea via Hometalk

2. Frame those board games!

We love the idea of board games becoming artwork for the walls. This look would be great in a playroom or games room. Attach the game pieces to the back with a bag and you will free up SO MUCH shelf space!   

Idea via Infarrantly Creative

3. Cubby Shelves and Baskets

We like how this blogger uses labeled storage bins, baskets, and tubs to distinguish between card games, board games, and puzzles. Everything has its place!

Idea via An Inviting Home

4. Hanging Closet Organizer

Closets aren't just for clothes! Turn that spare room closet into game storage easily with a closet organizer. What a great idea!

Idea via Joyful Homemaking

5. Bins with lids and labels

Don't be afraid to throw out those old banged up cardboard game boxes and just keep the parts you need. Some people like to cut out the top of the box and tape it to their bin as well. 

Idea via Infarrantly Creative

6. Use a wire pan rack to keep games neat and tidy in the closet

Genius? We think so. 

Idea via BHG

7. Index card holders make great card game storage!

Another way to keep your card games neat and tidy is with travel soap containers!  

Idea via Raising Lemons


Creative Game Storage Ideas

  1. What are some unique ways to store games and puzzles at home? Explore using an old ladder as shelving units or repurposing frames to display board games as artwork on the walls. These inventive storage solutions not only save space but also add a decorative touch to your home.

  2. How can I organize games and puzzles using cubby shelves and baskets? Utilize labeled storage bins, baskets, and tubs to categorize and store different types of games, such as card games, board games, and puzzles. This method ensures that everything has its designated place for easy access and organization.

  3. What is an alternative use for a spare room closet in terms of game storage? Transform a spare room closet into game storage by installing a hanging closet organizer. This practical solution maximizes space and keeps games neatly organized while freeing up other storage areas in the home.

  4. How can I repurpose old game boxes and keep game components organized? Consider discarding old cardboard game boxes and storing game components in bins with lids and labels instead. You can also attach the top of the game box to the bin for easy identification. This approach not only saves space but also keeps game pieces organized.

  5. Are there any unconventional items that can be repurposed for game storage? Get creative with storage solutions by using wire pan racks to keep games tidy in the closet or repurposing index card holders and travel soap containers for storing card games. These alternative storage options help keep games organized and accessible.

    Do you have a genius way of storing your prized game collection? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in a picture! 

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