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9 Great On-the-Go Toys and Games to Get Your Grandkids Thinking

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Going on a special outing or a family vacation can be lots of fun, but it can be a challenge when you have children who are not content while traveling.

Why not be the superhero of the trip and pull out a game that will keep them busy for hours? There are so many ways to combat travel-boredom--here is a list of great products our experts recommend to make travelling a blast: 

1.  Magnetibook: French Letters (Ages 3+)

Practice spelling on the go with this handy box filled with magnetic pictures and letters. Kids can spell the pictures they see, create a story, or invent their own game for hours of fun. 

2. Fidgitz (Ages 8+)

This three dimensional mechanical puzzle begs to be picked up, and may be impossible to put down! The goal is to twist and manipulate the puzzle until one side is all blue and the other side is all white. It’s a challenging brainteaser and a fidget toy all in one!

3. Kanoodle Jr. (Ages 4+)

Kanoodle Jr. offers on-the-go spatial-reasoning fun with simple-to-follow instructions and large puzzle pieces, perfect for little hands.

4. Coggy (Ages 6+)

Zig-zag and coil the connected collection of 16 colorful gears to match each challenge card image. Four levels of difficulty means that everyone will want to play! 

5. Star Cube (Ages 8+)

This magical cube puzzle transforms into a 12 pointed star, then two separate stars, and back to a single cube. 

6. Rory's Story Cubes (Ages 7+)

Rory's Story Cubes is a pocket-sized creative story generator, providing hours of imaginative play. Anyone can become a great storyteller and there are no wrong answers, simply roll the cubes and let the pictures spark your imagination! 

7. Last Mouse Lost (Ages 6+)

Players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last mouse loses the round. Kids and adults alike will keep coming back for more. 

8. Back Seat Bingo (Ages 4+)

Spy objects along the road and mark them down on your BINGO card. Looking outside always makes the trip go by quickly! 

9. Math Dice (Ages 8+) and Math Dice Jr. (Ages 6+)

Math becomes more fun when players think on the fly! Roll the 12-sided target dice to get target numbers, then roll the scoring dice and build a math equation with the numbers that turn up. Add, subtract, multiply, or divide the scoring numbers to reach the target. The mental challenge helps players sharpen their math skills by solving problems in a new way.

The problem with having all these great activities for the road is that your children won't want to stop traveling! With a little planning, everyone will have an entertaining ride.

Happy travels from Scholar's Choice :)

At Home, travel

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