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Creative and Useful Baby Shower Gifts

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A baby shower is an exciting chance to celebrate one of the happiest moments in a family member or friend's new life milestone. Its a chance to join in on the joy of new life, and help launch the child’s development. When looking for a baby shower gift it is often easy to fall back on traditional gifts like clothes, diapers and soothers that a mother will definitely need. Instead of following the norm, check out some of these creative and useful baby shower gifts to help get your new little person off on the right step.

Early Development Toys

      1. OombeeCube by Fat Brain Toys

        Each symmetrical shape slides into place for fiddle-free shape-matching play. Baby learns shape recognition and matching skills while practicing fine motor skills. The vibrant, vivid colors fascinate Baby visually while the ridged textures on the shapes engage Baby’s tactile senses!
        The Oombee cube by Fat Brain toys

        Great for: Cognitive Development, Physical and Motor Development

      2. Creative Peg Puzzle by Hape

        This fun stacking and sorting activity that triples as a puzzle too. The Creative Peg Puzzle by Hape helps develop both creativity and cognitive abilities by allowing children to create and solve their own puzzles. Start by joining the puzzle bases together and then twist the shapes on the appropriate post.


        Great for: Cognitive Development, Physical and Motor Development, Spatial Awareness and Matching Skills

      3. Soft Books

        Books are an excellent way to interact with a new child and begin their social and emotional development. Soft Books are baby focused books that are great for both mommy and baby. These safe and fun to touch books gives a newborn its first book experience and pleasant sensory toy they can play with on their own, while the light weight and easy to clean material makes them perfect for travel. 
        (left) Itsy-Bitsy Spider, (right) Goodnight Moon



        Great for: Emotional Development, Sensory Development

      4. Lamaze Gardenbug Foot Finder & Wrist Rattles

        The Gardenbug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Set encourages discovery! Bright patterns and faces with fun sounds reward exploration. Ideal for developing hand-to-eye coordination skills. These are great for children from birth to 24 months, so will last a long time.  

        Great for: Physical and Motor Development, Body Discovery

      5. Silikids Baby Products

        Silikids manufactures safe, modern silicone accessories perfect for babies and young children. Silikids offer a variety of utensils and flatware accessories that are easy to hold and use. Not only are the Silikids products easy to use, they are virtually indestructible and offer a softer alternative to traditional hard plastic products. 
        silikids silicone spoons for infantssilikids-plate-bowl-Silispoonsilikids plate, bowl and SilispoonSilikids Sippy Cup


        Great for: Motor Skills Development, No Mess Feeding

      6. Wooden Toys

        When shopping for an environmentally conscious mom, wooden toys offer a natural product that will bring back fond memories for every member of the family. These nostalgic toys wont just build great new memories for your children, but will also bring back fond memories for both mom and dad.

        Great for: Physical and Motor Skills Development

Toys That Grow

Often baby shower gifts are for new babies. This may help in the initial months of being a new parent, but children can often outgrow clothes at a fast pace and loose interest in toys that aren’t engaging their new skills. Toys that grow up with the new baby offer long term benefits as children add new skills and activates to those they already know.

      1. Skip Hop Explore & More Bee Crawl Toy

        If you're looking for toys to help baby crawl, you won't "bee" disappointed with this one! Designed to grow with your baby through three stages, this motorized crawl toy challenges and encourages little ones learning to crawl with colorful lights, energetic tunes and sweet buzzing sounds. Three stages of play encourage: discover and exploration, motor skills and sensory development and are designed for Pre-Crawlers, Beginner Crawlers and Advanced Crawlers.

        Great for: Physical and Motor Skills Development, Cognitive Development

      2. Skip Hop Explore & More Activity Centre

        Designed in collaboration with a pediatrician, the Skip Hop Explore & More Activity Centre supports a "whole body" approach to play and learning. Easy to assemble, with toys that can be positioned anywhere for baby, it features a 360-degree rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing. The unique Discovery Window lets baby see their feet while they play to learn cause and effect. As baby grows, the activity center converts for easy cruising-ultimately becoming a clean, sturdy table for colouring, playing and more.
        Skip Hop Explore More Activity Centre

        Great for: Physical and Motor Skills Development, Cognitive Development


Grandparents, infant, sensory, squishy, melissa & doug, baby, parent, early learning, skip hop, baby shower

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