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10 Fun And Creative Valentine's Day Cards To Make With The Kids

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Buying a box of premade Valentine's Day cards is never going to be as much fun as putting together your own. 

Students of all ages will love to receive their own little toy or handmade gift rather than the obligatory candy hearts or heart-shaped lollipop. 

We compiled a list of the cutest free printables so that you and the kids can make your own Valentine's cards in whatever theme you choose. All the supplies you could possibly need can be found at scholarschoice.ca.

Happy creating! 

1. This adorable "Friendasaurus" is perfect for kids who don't want to get all "lovey dovey"


 Find the free printable  here  and pick up some cute mini dinosaurs  here . 

2. Wiggle Eyes for the win! 


 All you need is some  Wiggle Eyes  and paper! Original design found  here .  All you need is some Wiggle Eyes and paper! 


3. This one is cute and practical. You could even attach a coloring sheet printable as well!


 Find the printable  here , and pick up some crayons  here .   


4. We aren't sure how many kids will get this Pat Benatar joke, but they will sure appreciate the little army man. 


 Grab the free printable  here  and a bag of army men  here .   


5. You really can't go wrong with extra school supplies can you? This would be an adorable gift from a teacher to their students. 


 Grab the printable  here  and some classic Pink Pearls  here .   


6. Another cute way to incorporate a small toy instead of candy. 


 Get the free  printable  here and race cars  here .  


7. These pom pom sheep are just too cute! 


 Get the sheep printable here, and pick up some pom poms  here . 


8. There seems to be a classic rock theme happening with these valentines...


 This mom printed the This mom printed the "Wild Thing" message on business cards, then punched holes for the twist ties. 


9. Looking for a longer craft to enjoy with the kids? This owl printable comes chock full of owl puns.  


 Directions and printable can be found  here , and pick up some paper bags of all colors  here .   


10. These fortune cookie valentines may be a bit advanced for younger kids to put together, but they sure are beautiful. 


 All you need for this valentine is a color printer! Get the printable  here .  All you need for this valentine is a color printer! 


All these Valentines (and more) can be found on our Pinterest page here

Happy Valentine's Day! 

At Home, Classroom, cards, valentines

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