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100 Ways to Celebrate Your 100th Day In the Classroom This Year

The 100th Day of School is an exciting celebration of 100 days of learning and also an excellent opportunity to have fun learning about the number 100!

There are a lot of fun and different ways children can celebrate the 100th Day of School from the simple to the elaborate. To help you decide which celebration activity would be a good fit for your class we have compiled a list of 100(!) 100th Day activities. Read below for an assortment of different activities that can be combined together or used separately to celebrate the big day!

Math & Counting Activities

  1. 100 treats (trail mix: smarties, marshmallows, chocolate, raisins, shreddies, cheerios). Make an assortment of these equaling 100.
  2. Activity centres: set up an arts area, a math area, puzzle area, an action area all to do with the number 100.
  3. Create a construction paper pizza and have the children glue on 100 toppings. Count how many of each topping is on the pizza!
  4. A 100th Day Cake (100 candles optional).
  5. Hide 100 treats (Hershy’s Kisses etc.) around the room and have a scavenger hunt.
  6. 100th Day Abacus – using a shoe box, string and fruitloops build an abacus to count to 100!
  7. Have the students estimate where they would end up by taking 100 steps.
  8. In 100 seconds I can:________ list of activities (pushups, jump rope etc.)
  9. Challenge them to bring in 100 of something.
  10. Fill containers with a different number of items and have the students guess how much is in each container and which has 100!
  11. Have the students flip a coin 100 times and make a chart of how many times heads/tails came up. You could have them make a guess of the outcome at the start.
  12. Roll a pair of dice 100 times and chart how many times each number came up.
  13. Ask the students to estimate what the date will be in 100 days and to check their estimates on a calendar.
  14. Assign a number from 1 to 26 for each letter of the alphabet. Does anyones name add up to 100?
  15. Figure out how many ways you can use coins to make 100 cents!
  16. Guess how much 100 jellybeans weights, separate them by colour and find out the most common colour, then eat them!
  17. See which student can get the farthest distance walking backwards in 100 seconds.
  18. Choose 10 students to bring in 10 rocks (or something similar to a marble) each, choose another 10 students to bring in 10 marbles each. Put the rocks and marbles in 2 different buckets and have the students guess which will be heavier!
  19. Using an eye dropper ask the students if it would take more than 100 or less than 100 to make 100mL. Demonstrate and count with them!
  20. Ask the students how big of a container they would need to hold 100, 100mL and demonstrate and count with them, or have them do it themselves!
  21. Have the students count 100 ice cubes into a large container. Have them estimate and mark where they think the water will be when the ice melts.
  22. Using a paper plate, a paper clip and a brad (paper fastener) make a spinner with 5 equal but separate areas. Have the students get into teams and spin the spinner 100 times marking where it lands each time. Which number had the most spins?
  23. A few days to a week before 100th day ask students to try and get 100 autographs by 100th day (students, staff, family etc.).
  24. Teach the children to count to 100 using the You-Nique Happy 100th Day Bulletin Board set having them put the numbers 1 to 100 on the Peacocks feathers!
  25. Have students write one letter of their name in each box and continue the process until they have filled 100 boxes. Ask them to colour in the first letter of their name and examine the pattern.
  26. Roll a die and have the students colour in the same number of boxes of a work sheet that they rolled until they reach 100!
  27. Have the students count out 100 popcorn kernels and have them estimate how many kernels will pop (count the ones that didn’t).
  28. Estimate which is heavier, 100 nickels or 100 quarters.
  29. Calculate what year you will turn 100!
  30. Make a compare and contrast bulletin board with plastic bags filled with 100 items each to show how 100 things can be different weights and sizes.
  31. Build a tower of 100 nickels and measure how tall it is!
  32. Make a 100’s hop scotch with each tile representing 10’s up to 100. Have the children count up to 100 as they hop!
  33. Teach the students how to count by ones and tens by creating a stack of construction paper ice cream scoops with 10 sprinkles each and numbered 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.
  34. Have students write out a recipe for a cupcake and then have them do the math to make 100 cupcakes!
  35. Let A=$1 B=$2 C=$3 and so on have the students find words that equal $100.

Writing Prompts & Language Activities

  1. 100 things the students wish they had!
  2. 100 things they love about school!
  3. 100 things they want to accomplish before they're 100!
  4. Have the students make a list of 100 words they can spell.
  5. List 100 things they have learned or didn’t know before!
  6. Write a story about "what you would do" with $100.
  7. Have the students write 100 sight words.
  8. Read for 100 minutes for the month depending on the age of the students!
  9. Write 100, 100 different ways (letters, numbers math etc.).
  10. Ask students to list 100 nouns, 100 verbs and 100 adjectives.
  11. Ask the students to find out what happened on this day in history 100 years ago.
  12. 100 reasons you love where you live.
  13. Write a story about what your community will be like in 100 years.
  14. Name 100 countries.
  15. Name 100 cities.
  16. Make a list of things that hadn’t been invented yet 100 years ago.
  17. Have the students make a list of their top 100 favourite things!
  18. Have the students cut out the letters of “one hundred” separately. Have them arrange the letters to spell out different words and call them out and add them to the list!
  19. How many other languages can you say 100 in? Try and get as many as you can!
  20. I’m 100 Days Smarter: “On day 1 I didn’t know how to ________, but on Day 100 I can!”
  21. Write out “100 Appreciations” (ex. “I really appreciate how Isaiah always shares his crayons with me!”) Decorate your door or bulletin board with the Appreciations for the whole school to see!
  22. Write a story that is 100 words long.
  23. Find a fact about each decade of the 20th Century!
  24. Write 100 words in 10 different categories. Can you name 10 different foods? 10 number words? 10 animals?
  25. Make a list of 100 things the students would NOT want (100 dogs, 100 snakes, 100 cars etc.).
  26. Have the class make a list of words that end in “-ly”.

Art's & Crafts

  1. Make a 100 Day T-Shirt (have googly eyes, cotton balls, markers, stickers etc to put on a shirt and have a fashion show!).
  2. 100th day construction paper hat with 100 things glued to it (cheerios, stickers, cotton balls etc.).
  3. 100 toothpicks / popsicle sticks engineering challenge with marshmallows or jujubes.
  4. Build a quilt of 100 fingers using markers and felt.
  5. Draw a picture using the number 100.
  6. Have the children draw a self-portrait of what they look like now and what they will look like in 100 years.
  7. Dress up like you’re 100!
  8. Fruitloop Necklace with 100 fruitloops on it!
  9. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day make 100 heart shaped valentines.
  10. Make a 100 hands collage with hand paint.
  11. Glue 100 Gold fish to a construction paper fishbowl.
  12. Ask students to cut out 100 important people from magazines, or newspapers and create a bulletin display.
  13. Using a paper plate, paint, stickers and cotton balls make a gumball machine with 100 gumballs.
  14. Have the students cut out the numerals of 100 and use them to make a piece of art/picture by arranging them in a creative way, and writing a caption/description of their drawing.
  15. Have the students make a mosaic of 100 small squares of paper.
  16. Make a tree with 100 branches by gluing sticks or pretzels to paper.
  17. Make paper chain links in groups of 10. Use different coloured paper for extra fun.
  18. Ask the students to make a self-portrait of what they will look like in 100 years using torn paper to make a wrinkle effect for the skin!
  19. Make a textured 100. Spread white glue into the shape of “100” and use sand, pasta, marshmallows, and other materials to make different textured artwork!
  20. Dip a Q-Tip in paint to make a 100-dot piece of artwork.
  21. Have students make a Solar System bulletin with 100 star cutouts!
  22. Recognize the students for 100 days of school with a certificate or medal!

Teamwork, Cooperation & Group Activities

  1. Have the class work together to donate 100 cans of food to the local food bank.
  2. 100 Piece Puzzle as a class (have a few students at a time work together). Add a twist and they can add a piece after answering a question correctly.
  3. 100 Piece puzzle race! Divide the class and give each team a 100 piece puzzle. See which team can finish theirs first!
  4. 100 compliments or acts of kindness.
  5. Build a 100 Cup structure using red solo cups.
  6. Have the students make a chain of paperclips and measure how long it is.
  7. Pin the zero on the 100. Blind fold the students and give them a “0” with tape on the back and have them try and put it in the right spot.
  8. Prepare a string that is 100cms long and ask the students to find objects in the classroom that are 100cms long/tall.
  9. Stand up 100 dominoes in sequence and push them over!
  10. Have the students put their heads on the desk and when they believe 100 seconds has gone by, QUIETLY raise their head.
  11. Make a 100th Day train with each car being a different 100 theme (100 words, 100 cotton balls, 100 fingerprints, 100 names etc.).
  12. Have the class make 100 silly faces and post them on a bulletin board.
  13. Have the students work together to write 100 places they would like to visit!
  14. The Dime Game: There are prizes that cost $1.00. To win the prize the students must earn 10 dimes and buy the prize. Students can earn the dimes through various 100 activities!
  15. Celebrate with “100” shaped snacks! Some ideas include 1 carrot and 2 cucumber circles, grapes and a pretzel.
  16. Measure how far the children can fly a paper airplane. Have them guess if it will go 100 inches or 100 feet, and then measure.
  17. For younger students write out the numbers 1 to 100 on cue cards and have them place the cards in the proper order.

Whew! That sure is a lot of ways to celebrate the 100th Day of school! Come in to Scholar's Choice so we can help you make the most of this fun celebration of learning!

How do you celebrate 100th Day? Tell us in a comment below!

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