Jan 05

Too Cold Outside For Recess? 6 Activities To Keep The Kids Busy Indoors

Classroom, cold, Indoor play

It is brutally cold out there this time of year (in MOST of Canada -- we're looking at you, BC), and sometimes recess needs to be cancelled to keep the little ones safe. What are you supposed to do to fill that time you ask? Well here are 5 quick and easy ways to fill recess time while staying warm and dry. 

1. Set up a game area

Do you have games scattered in cupboards all over the classroom? Push together a couple of tables and start some games with the kids. Recess should be a fun, social time, so try out games like I Spy Dig In, What Letter Do I Start With?, and Bananagrams to get the good times rolling.

2. Play charades!

Lots of teachers will initiate a game of charades when the kids need a brain break. If you want to make it relevant, you can play various themes that relate to your current curriculum like books or animals. 

3. Clay/Modeling Dough Zone

Get out the tub of clay and let them go to town! No kid will turn down sculpture time. 

4. Create a Scavenger Hunt

You can have a few different versions of this ready for the day you will need them. Two we especially like are "Fun Facts about Your Friends" and "Color" hunts. At the start of the year when students fill out their "About Me" forms, have them list a fact that not many people know about them. Put these facts on a sheet and get students to ask around until they find the person to match the fact. The same can be done with colors, and looking for items around the room.  

5. Colouring Printables

These will never go out of style. It's always nice to have a few different sheets on hand, and you can even pick up an adult colouring book for yourself. Your students will love that their teacher wants to colour too!

Different ages pose different challenges when it comes to indoor recess, what kinds of activities do you do with your class indoors?

Classroom, cold, Indoor play

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