Jan 06

Too Cold For Outdoor Time At Childcare? 5 Activities To Keep The Kids Busy Indoors


It is brutally cold out there this time of year (in MOST of Canada -- we're looking at you, BC), and sometimes outdoor time needs to be cancelled or severely shortened to keep the little ones safe. What are you supposed to do to fill that time you ask? Well here are 6 fun ways to fill outdoor time while staying warm and dry. 

1. Provide some new games that are set aside especially for "weather days"

Kids won't get excited about the same old games they see every day, so tuck away a few new games for those extra cold days as a special treat. Try out great new games like I Spy Dig InWhat Letter Do I Start With?, and Igloo Mania to get the good times (and the learning) rolling.

2. Set Up An Indoor Sensory Experience

Kids love playing with snow, so why not let them? Insta-Snow is a powder that turns water into fluffy white snow. It is quick, clean, and kids love the stuff!

3. Decorate your Dark Den like an ice castle

Let the kids decorate their Dark Den, or decorate it yourself before they get to daycare that day. It can be Elsa's ice castle from 'Frozen', a jungle cave, or anything else their big brains come up with!

4. Create a Scavenger Hunt

You can have a few different versions of this ready for the day you will need them. Have you ever tried a "Colour" scavenger hunt? Provide kids with a list of colours, and get them to look around to try to find each one. 

5. Colouring Printables or Colouring Books

These will never go out of style. It's always nice to have a few different sheets on hand, and you can even pick up an adult colouring book for yourself. The kids will love that you want to colour too!

Different ages pose different challenges when it comes to indoor playtime, what kinds of activities do you do with your kids when outdoor time is limited?


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