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7 Fun Indoor Learning Activities To Do With Your Grandchildren During This Cold Cold Winter

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Grandchildren coming for a visit?

It can be exhausting trying to think up enough activities to keep the kids entertained when it is too cold to go outside, but Scholar's Choice is here to help! We compiled a list of easy and inexpensive activities for your next wintery playdate. 

Activities For Keeping Warm Indoors:

  • Snow slime! Kids are loving slime these days, so why not let them make it themselves while teaching them measuring and mixing skills? Here is one recipe for a wintry slime, but there are a ton of others online. You can also get kits that come with all the ingredients ready for you here
  • Construction toys will keep you all busy for hours. Keeping a set or two around the house will ensure the grand kids will LOVE coming over. Challenge the kids to create the tallest towers, the longest tunnel, or the most beautiful castle using Lego, MagSnaps, Squigs, or another of the many many construction toys Scholar's Choice carries. 

  • Decorate Winter Gear: Decorate fleece mittens, hats and scarves at home with fabric paint, glitter, felt, buttons, and beads. Wearable art projects that their parents will appreciate too!
  • Colouring Books: These will never go out of style. It's always nice to have a few different books on hand, you can even pick up an adult colouring book for yourself. The kids will love that Grandma and Grandpa want to colour too. 
  • Set up some fun science experiments: There are many science kits you can buy to build robots, polish rocks, and even grow crystals. Crystal kits will provide you with all the supplies to set up a growing station, then watch your crystals grow over the coming weeks. The kids will want to visit often the see what kind of magic is happening. 
  • Give gifts to others: Teach your grandchildren about generosity by building, drawing, or concocting small gifts for the people they care about. Is Mom's birthday coming up? Make her some all-natural lip balm from this Lip Balm Boutique kit. 
  • Have a sleepover! Your grandchildren's parents will be kissing your feet when you offer to have the kids over all weekend for a sleepover. Blankie Tails will make the weekend seem like a real treat for everyone! 

Have any other great indoor activities you use with your Grandchildren? Let us know in the comments!

At Home, grandkids, Grandparents

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