Mar 16

6 New Creative Kits for a Weekend Jam Packed with Fun

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Kits are a great way to spend a weekend at home or a rainy day when there is nothing to do.

They are also great tools for children who need more directed play, and are uncomfortable with the open-ended style of play that come with raw craft supplies. We have a ton of brand new kits in-store and online that come in such a wide variety, there will be something to interest everyone. Here are some of our best-sellers this season: 

1. Create with Clay Dinosaurs

Art, adventure, science, and fun all combine for the perfect STEAM experience. Make realistic clay dinosaurs with this inventive kit from Creativity for Kids. Kit comes with three dinosaur skeletons that kids cover with clay to make anatomically correct dinosaur figures. Kit comes with cool dinosaur facts. 

2. Smart Lab Super Sweet Sugar Lab

Kids LOVE this kit. Make trickster fruits, burping balloons & wiggle worms. What makes sugar sticky? Why does suger spark in the dark? Join the Sugar Monster to explore the sweet side of candy chemistry. The experiments show you how to make candy, blow double bubbles, test for hidden sugars, and shrink an egg. Along the way, you'll learn what sugar is, why your brain loves it, and how to slay your own Sugar Monster.

3. Shadow Puppets Theater

This kit Includes everything you need to put on an amazing shadow show. Using light and shadow to tell a story, The Shadowbox Theater is a new take on traditional puppet theaters.
Puppets are customizable with movable legs, arms and interchangeable accessories. Personalize your theater with stickers and a re-usable chalkboard marquee.

4. So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Kit

Make your own fizzy bath bombs with a surprise inside! Just mix, mold and add a surprise figurine. These kits are perfect for making gifts for your friends, or keeping for yourself! 

5. Smart Lab Crazy Drinks Science Lab

Mix up purple potions, alien ice cubes & glowing slimes. Drink your science! The 24 page activity book lets you demonstrate science principles like emulsion, fluorescence, density, and carbonate reactions - and then slurp them down! 

6. Tropical Spa

Get your spa day started in style! These unique, fun, and camera-ready accessories are perfect for parties and sleepover fun. Your tropical spa vacation includes an adorable inflatable flamingo pedicure pool for the perfect spa experience.

At Home, create, kit, clay, kits, lab, spa

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