May 04

'Veggie Pops' Are A Great Way To Introduce Kids To Gardening!

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Veggie Pops are a stress-free way to get even the youngest kids interested in gardening. 

Wanting to start your children off with an early passion...

Mar 16

6 New Creative Kits for a Weekend Jam Packed with Fun

At Home, create, kit, clay, kits, lab, spa

Kits are a great way to spend a weekend at home or a rainy day when there is nothing to do.

They are also great tools for children who need more...

Feb 23

7 Fun Activities To Do With Your Grandkids Over March Break

At Home, grandkids, crafts, kits

The problem a lot of parents face when it comes to school breaks is what to do with the kids... but we all know the answer to that...