Feb 15

The Best Outdoor Play Products For Your Childcare Facility

Childcare, outdoor, play

Spring is coming, and you know what that means... outdoor play! 

It seems like we have been cooped up inside for way too long this year, so what better time than now to plan for all those fun activities to do outside. 

We have come up with a list of some of our most popular outdoor play products that childcare facilities all across Canada (and the world!) are loving this season. 

1. Mud Kitchen

Watch kids get busy mixing, blending, and creating with this robust wooden mud kitchen perfect for your outdoor childcare space. No need for direction from adults, because kids will love inventing their own potions and powders with this setup perfect for the budding scientists in your group. 

2. Pocket Microscopes

Children will explore for hours with this set of brightly coloured pocket microscopes that can magnify specimens up to 120x. The viewer is illuminated with a super bright LED which gives a crisp, sharp image, so even on cloudy days everyone can go outside and explore.

3. Nature Bowl

Children are always collecting the treasures they find - pine cones, leaves, moss, rocks, twigs, the list is endless. This bowl creates a perfect space for them to gather their collections and have rich tactile experiences together. The uses for the natural bowl are as cast as your imagination: create a terrarium with turtles, a pond with tadpoles, fill with bath toys, make a tidal pool with seashells, water and sand - the possibilities are endless! No worries about cleaning up or starting over - there is a drain plug in the bottom of the bowl. 

4. Water World

Children become mini architects, engineers, and scientists as they experiment and explore the different challenges of this wonderfully versatile resource. Use with water, balls or cars and see the liquid whoosh along the channels. Water World can be independent play or part of a more structured task and will provide hours of learning and hours of fun. 

5. Weaving Frames

Inspire creativity and beauty in the outdoor classroom using Weaving Frames. Without realising it children will be developing dexterity and manipulative skills weaving colourful ribbons, glittering materials, threads and beads into these superb giant weaving frames. Produce shimmering, tactile works of art to transform any plain playground wall into inspiring, creative activity areas.

Childcare, outdoor, play

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