Jun 21

7 Adorable Ways to Celebrate Canada Day with the Kids

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There is so much more to do and see for the Canada Day long weekend beyond the fireworks! Read on for some fresh ideas that will keep your family busy and happy. 

1. Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk

Who doesn't love a good sidewalk chalk drawing session? Write a friendly message to the neighbors, draw a bunch of Canadian animals, or write out the lyrics to "O Canada". Take a picture and tag Scholar's Choice in it! 

2. Make a Canada craft

Pinterest has so many great Canada Day craft ideas. We love this maple leaf lantern idea from Valarie Budayr


3. Check out a local baseball game

You don't have to live in Toronto to check out a baseball game. There are minor league teams all over the country that would love some support, and many of them have events and promotions happening for Canada Day too!

4. Work on geography while doing a Canada puzzle

Scholar's Choice has many different Canada puzzles, from 48 piece floor puzzles to 1000 piece Canadian scenery puzzles like Niagara Falls, Maritime Souvenirs, or Ottawa Winterlude Festival

Untitled design (17)

5. Visit a museum

Sometimes we tend to celebrate holidays like Canada Day without explaining to children the meaning behind the celebration. Take your kids to a local museum that features Canadian history that you can speak candidly about. 

6. Make a Canada Day photo booth

We love this cute idea from East Coast Mommy


7. Create your own adorable Canada flag for the window or door

This idea is so cute you will look forward to hanging your flag every year. 


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Canada Day Long Weekend Fun for Families

  1. What are some creative ways to celebrate Canada Day beyond fireworks? Beyond fireworks, you can decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk, make Canada-themed crafts, attend a local baseball game, work on a Canada puzzle, visit a museum, set up a Canada Day photo booth, or create your own Canada flag for the window or door.

  2. How can sidewalk chalk be used to celebrate Canada Day? Sidewalk chalk can be used to write friendly messages to neighbors, draw Canadian animals, or even write out the lyrics to "O Canada". Taking pictures of your creations and tagging Scholar's Choice can add to the fun!

  3. What Canada-themed craft idea is recommended for Canada Day? Pinterest offers numerous Canada Day craft ideas. One recommended idea is creating a maple leaf lantern, inspired by Valarie Budayr's design.

  4. Where can families find Canada-themed puzzles to work on during the long weekend? Scholar's Choice offers various Canada puzzles, ranging from 48-piece floor puzzles to 1000-piece puzzles featuring Canadian scenery like Niagara Falls, Maritime Souvenirs, or the Ottawa Winterlude Festival.

  5. Why is visiting a museum recommended for Canada Day? Visiting a local museum featuring Canadian history provides an opportunity to educate children about the significance of Canada Day in a candid and meaningful way, fostering a deeper understanding of the holiday's meaning.

Arts & crafts, At Home, Tips, family, holiday, crafts, ideas, play, puzzle, canada day, kid, activities, fun

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