Often, we think that learning is something we only do in the classroom, but learning is a 24-hour activity. Kids are an open book and are constantly learning about new things around them. Its important for both parents and teachers to work together so that kids are able to get the maximum learning opportunity available to them.
Here are some of our favourite ways to promote learning outside the classroom.

Reading at Home

One of the best ways to encourage learning outside the class is to promote reading at home. Reading is a great skill and is a great supplement to help with learning. Having kids read books that are related to subjects they are learning can help improve retention as well as increase their understanding of the subject. Try and have a suggested reading list available for parents with helpful suggestions for them! We offer a range of books from picture books to novels that cover virtually every subject your kids will learn!

Promote positive reading at home by suggesting parents sometimes let their kids pick a book that they would enjoy. This can keep kids interested and focused on reading by associating it with subjects they enjoy.


Books like The Griefers Revenge and Confronting the Dragon take reading off the page and into the computer with exciting novels based on the online world of Minecraft.

Take Learning Outdoors

Get outside, get active and learn. The outdoors is natures classroom so pull up some grass and let’s start class! Getting kids outdoors is a fun way for them to learn without even knowing it. Kids can explore and discover nature as they go on nature walks or play games outside. What bird do you see? How many legs does that critter have? Getting kids to learn outdoors is easy and can become a part of their every day activities.

Parents can help their kids by getting them involved at home. Suggest to parents that they can enhance learning by asking questions about their surroundings. If parents are taking their kids with them to the store, suggest they get them involved. It can be as simple as having kids help weigh out the fruit and vegetables while shopping for groceries.

Home Learning

Kids love getting their hands on with what they are learning, and at home is a great place for them to do it. Science kits like the Table Top Robot or 3 in 1 Solar Robot kits by 4M are interactive and can help introduce kids to advanced topics like STEAM.


Fun table top games can also be used to help kids develop core skills. The logic game Rush Hour uses a sliding puzzle of cars to help kids develop and improve their special awareness skills.


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