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Making Learning Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's House

At Home, Grandparents

Does your grandchild spend a lot of time at grandma and grandpa’s house? In addition to growing a lasting bond between you and your grandchild (and free daycare for mom and dad), a major benefit is that you can have a direct impact on making learning fun!

We know that it can be hard to come up with fun activities your grandchildren will love, so encouraging them to learn at grandma and grandpa’s house might seem nearly impossible. BUT, at Scholar’s Choice we know how to disguise learning with fun games and activities! Here are 5 of our favourite toys to make learning fun at grandma and grandpa’s house:

1. Arts and Crafts Library (ages 8+)

The Arts and Crafts Library contains all the craft supplies you need to start your own crafting center at home, including the carrying case to store it all. You and your grandchildren can use your imaginations to create works of art for hours with this all-in-one suitcase full of goodies. 

2. POP for Sight Words Game (Grades 1+)

If your grandchild is learning how to read, POP for Sight Words Game is the perfect game to help them learn to recognize words and read them aloud correctly. Your grandchild will never notice that they are growing their vocabulary, and perfecting their pronunciation while playing a fun game with grandma and grandpa!

3. See and Spell Puzzle Melissa and Doug (ages 4+)

Spelling and puzzles have never fit together so well! Keep these 10 beautiful wooden puzzle cards at grandma and grandpa’s house, and when your grandchild visits they can strengthen their word recognition, dexterity, and early language skills!

4. Magical Magnet (ages 3+)

Open the door for limitless imagination and creativity with these classic construction toys. Let their ideas run wild as they learn to use different shapes to build amazing shapes and forms. Perfect for both toddlers and kids, teach your grandchildren new skills and watch them stay busy for hours of building fun.

5. Shut the Box (ages 6+)

This dice game for 2 or more players is a Scholar's Choice classic! After your grandchild rolls the dice they will have to count up the total and then "shut" a combination of the open numbers that equals the total. In addition to strengthening counting and math skills, your grandchild will learn how to win and lose graciously.


If you’re looking for even more amazing product’s that can make learning fun at grandma and grandpa’s house, visit our website! Be sure to visit your local Scholar’s Choice store, where our expert staff can help you find the perfect product for your grandchild.

At Home, Grandparents

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