Nov 09

The Art of Hygge (And 5 Simple Ways to Achieve It)

While there is no actual English word that directly translates hygge (pronounced hooga), it can be described as creating a warm atmosphere, embracing joy in simplicity, and spending time with good company. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Who wouldn't enjoy a little hygge in their life. With the cold temperatures and shorter days, now is the perfect time to bring some hygge into your life and beat the Winter blues. The problem is, whenever hygge pops up on social media, the general perception is it is expensive or time-consuming to achieve. Not to fear- we've got you covered! Here are 5 simple ways to embrace the hygge movement (after all, the idea is about simplicity):

Create a cozy spot in your home

This could be as simple as adding a cozy blanket or a soft pillow to your couch. Add in wool socks and you will be snug as a bug. For your children, consider something like a sleeping bag or Blankie Tail for them to use to get cosy.

Add some mood lighting

The warm glow of a candle is totally hygge, but with kids, a candle is not always practical. Consider a salt lamparomatherapy diffuser with subtle lighting, or a flashlight. You can change the light of a flashlight by taping a piece of transparent coloured plastic over the top of the flashlight.

Serve up comforting food and drink

And really try and enjoy it. So often we have to rush to eat or have to reheat our coffee/tea because we get busy and don't drink it right away. Serve comfort foods on nice dishes with cloth napkins or serve your favourite tea in nice China or your favourite mug. Try and make eating and drinking a special event.

Focus on togetherness with your family

Turn off the screens and spend quality time together. Cook together, curl up in some nice warm blankets, play games, complete a puzzle, read books, or use your imaginations to tell stories.

Make your house a sensory experience

Let your senses guide you. Pick the softest blanket you've ever had to cuddle up with, light a fire or something else that gives off a soft warm glow, eat and drink foods that bring you comfort, and choose a wonderful scent to fill your home. Aromatherapy offers so much potential for creating the perfect hygge atmosphere.

How do you bring hygge into your life? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay cosy!


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