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5 Research-Based Reasons Why Family Game Nights Are Important

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Although your children may find it hard to believe, there was a time long, long, loooong ago (like when you were a kid) when families used to gather around the table, look one another right in the eye, and play real-life, interactive games together, well into the night.


All of that light-hearted play actually led to some serious child development benefits. So we think it’s high time to bring family game night out of the past and into your immediate future! Here are five big research-based reasons why family game nights are important:

Games are good for motor skills

Every time your little ones roll the dice or shuffle the cards, they’re developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills – which can lead to later success in sports, playing instruments, writing and more.

Games can lead to better grades

Cutting to the chase- a little family game time now can lead to some great academic benefits come report card time! Many games build specific skills that are useful in your kids’ academic careers – like math, spelling, vocabulary and general knowledge, to name just a few. Research from Carnegie Mellon shows that even a small amount of practice playing academic games can lead to big results in the classroom.

Games help your kids solve problems

Researchers from the University of Florida have found that kids who practice strategizing and solving problems with their parents end up having better memory techniques and more success at solving all sorts of problems on their own. Playing strategy games with your kids is one way to give them valuable practice at solving problems. But even more importantly, it also gives you a chance to demonstrate effective problem-solving techniques that your kids can learn from and emulate.

Games night is family bonding night

Numerous studies have shown that children from families who maintain strong lines of communication through frequent get-togethers like game nights and family dinners enjoy benefits to nearly every aspect of their lives, including:

    • Larger vocabularies starting at age two
    • Higher reading scores in elementary through high school
    • More motivation in school
    • Better relationships with peers
    • A more positive perception of the parent-child relationship
    • Better emotional well-being and life satisfaction

Games are just plain fun!

Granted, this is a different breed of fun than what you got used to during your carefree, kid-free college days, and it’s surely different than what your kids will be calling fun in just a few short years. But for now, while everybody’s still hanging out in the house all together, make the most of it – by making some amazing memories! It’s time to bring home a new game and bring your family together for a Family Game Night! Check out our extensive collection of games!



Unlocking the Benefits of Family Game Nights

  1. What are some developmental benefits of playing games as a family? Games help improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which can benefit children in various activities such as sports, playing musical instruments, and writing. Additionally, many games reinforce academic skills like math, spelling, and general knowledge, leading to better grades.

  2. How do family game nights contribute to problem-solving skills? Engaging in strategy games with parents provides valuable practice in problem-solving for children. Research suggests that children who strategize and problem-solve with their parents develop better memory techniques and are more successful at solving various problems independently.

  3. What are the family bonding benefits of having regular game nights? Family game nights foster strong lines of communication and bonding among family members. Studies show that families who engage in regular get-togethers like game nights and dinners experience benefits such as larger vocabularies, higher reading scores, increased motivation in school, better relationships with peers, and improved emotional well-being.

  4. Why is it important to make time for family game nights? Family game nights provide an opportunity for quality bonding time and creating lasting memories together. While the concept of fun may vary between generations, enjoying games as a family helps strengthen relationships and build positive family dynamics.

  5. Where can I find a variety of games suitable for family game nights? Explore our extensive collection of games designed for families to enjoy together. From classic board games to modern strategy games, there's something for everyone to create unforgettable moments during Family Game Night!

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