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9 Winter Birthday Party Ideas That Will Keep You Warm And Dry

At Home, Winter, Birthday

Does your little one have a birthday coming up this winter?

It can be exhausting trying to think up enough activities to keep the kids entertained when it is too cold to go outside, but Scholar's Choice is here to help! We compiled a list of easy and inexpensive activities for your next wintery shindig. 

Activities For Indoor Play:

  • Snow slime! Kids are still loving slime these days, so why not let them make it themselves? Here is one recipe for a wintry slime, but there are a ton of others online. You can also get kits ready for you with all the ingredients here
  • Set up a hot chocolate bar complete with marshmallows, chocolate sauce, peppermints and other fun additions. Let the kids go wild making their own concoctions. 
  • Set up some fun science experiments: There are many science kits you can buy to build robotspolish rocks, and even grow crystals. Crystal kits will provide you with all the supplies to set up a growing station, then watch your crystals grow over the coming weeks. The kids will want to visit often the see what kind of magic is happening. 
  • Construction toys will keep everyone busy for hours. Challenge the kids to create the tallest towers, the longest tunnel, or the most beautiful castle using LegoMagSnapsSquigs, or another of the many many construction toys Scholar's Choice carries. 

Fun Favours To Take Home:

  • Snowman Kit: A box containing a carrot, some buttons, and a strip of material for a scarf (an old tie or some felt will work). Everything the kids need to build a snowman outside (when it's a bit warmer) when they get home.
  • Colouring Sheets: Google “free winter printables.” There are tons of excellent colouring sheets that are freely available online. Print and add a small pack of crayons or markers.

Party activities can also be used to create favours instead of buying loot bags. Kids get to make something, then bring it home as their treat!

  • Decorate Caramel Apples: Kids can decorate apples with candy you provide, then take them home as their loot bag treat!
  • Cookie Decorating: Make a bunch of different colors of icing in ziplock bags, cut a small corner out, and let them go to town! 
  • Decorate Winter Gear: Fleece mittens, hats and scarves can all be picked up inexpensively, then decorated at home with fabric paint, glitter, felt, buttons, and beads. 

Have any other great indoor activities you like to use with your winter baby? Let us know in the comments!

Check out the Pinterest board we made outlining these activities and more! 

At Home, Winter, Birthday

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