Nov 06

Remembrance Day Lesson Plan Ideas

Arts & crafts, Classroom, Lesson Plans, Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day allows us to reflect on the meaning of peace, and the realities of war. We have a variety of resources and activities to help teach your students about endurance, courage, and resolving conflict while providing an understanding of the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers in the wars.

Lesson Plan Ideas

These resources are aimed at providing lesson play ideas for teaching students about the importance of remembrance and the roles played by Canadians during times of war, military conflict and peace. These resources come in ebook form, allowing for instant download! Download them Sunday night and teach Monday morning.

Arts and Crafts

Never forget the sacrifices of fallen heroes and veterans with commemorative crafts. Learn about the significance of Remembrance Day while creating an honorary tribute to those who have sacrificed so much.

Looking for ways to involve the entire school? Check out our blog post, "Remembering in Every Grade", for more ideas and links to more resources.

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Arts & crafts, Classroom, Lesson Plans, Remembrance Day

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