Oct 24

The Magic of Childhood Catalogue

Active World Tray, Scholar's Choice, Magic of Childhood

The Magic of Childhood 2020 Catalogue is our invitation to inspiration. It is time to start exploring our new guide. Products that not only support discovery based learning but also inspire ideas that incorporate the playful learning approach through discovery based play.

Imagination and discovery based learning

Childhood is magical, children see magic in all things. We may set out a small world of fairies that may become a construction zone 5 minutes later as children explore and discover the magic of learning through play.


It is important that we allow children to conduct self directed play, to learn by themselves rather than being directed. Our products are designed to help children explore with their senses. A child's senses are their gateway to learning.

When a child plays it is important that we let them think and explore, do things their way and even make mistakes. If we don't, and we demonstrate how to play, we forever rob the child of the ability to learn for themselves. When a child learns through discovery and exploration, that learning becomes a part of who they are, like no other form of learning.

At Scholar's Choice we understand the importance of children discovering learning for themselves and that we need to set up provocations to extend learning to scaffold children to the next level of development, rather than directing play for children. We also believe that it is crucial that children learn through exploration and discovery. Our catalogue expresses this ideology, use it as a resource, it will take you as an educator to new levels and support you to be the best educator for your class.



Pick up your catalogue in-store or order online today or for full access to our e-catalogue click here.



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Active World Tray, Scholar's Choice, Magic of Childhood

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