Nov 06

5 Reasons You Should Buy Gift Cards This Holiday Season

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Gift cards tend to have a bad reputation, but they are still one of the most popular gifts to give during the holiday season. If you are looking for that perfect gift, here are five reasons why gift cards make great presents.

Your gift is guaranteed to be educational

Want to allow your loved one to choose their own gift, but still want to make sure that they aren't simply buying candy at the corner store? A gift card from Scholar's Choice ensures that your gift will be something that is both desired and will help your little ones learn valuable skills. 

They’re an excellent way to budget

Gift cards can be a simple way to stay on budget, helping you plan your budget down to the penny. With multiple grandchildren or teachers to shop for on your list, gift cards can be a great solution.

They are easy to send

If you live in a different town than your grandchildren, or your daughter is teaching in another city, or even country, gift cards are a great idea. It is easier (and cheaper) to send a gift card than a big gift, or purchase a virtual gift card online and send it hassle free!

They are practical

If you don't know what to get someone, the gift they want is too expensive, or worse, it is sold out, gift cards are a great alternative. If you give a gift cards to your child's teacher, they can buy things for the classroom, in turn benefiting your child. If your child/grandchild wants that impossible to get toy a gift card for the value of the toy means children can go shopping after Christmas when the item is back in stock.

They make gift giving and receiving fun (and educational)

Giving a gift card is essentially like giving someone a free shopping trip. If you are giving your grandchild a gift card, offer to take them out shopping. It turns the gift into a fun day filled with quality time too. Plus the after Christmas sales means you can get more with the gift card. A gift card also helps children learn about money and budgeting, disguising math practice as a fun shopping trip.

No batteries required

You may laugh at this point, but come Christmas morning, you will be thankful that the gift you give doesn't require 5 'D' batteries that end up costing more than the gift itself!

Convinced that gift cards are the way to go this season? Stop into your local Scholar's Choice to get one today, loaded in any denomination, or shop our selection online here!

At Home, Gift, Holidays

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