Nov 06

Fun Tested, Learning Experts Approved: Choosing the Right Gifts This Holiday Season

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As parents, we have dreams of what our kids will grow up to be. Do you want them to be engineers, artists, scientists or entrepreneurs perhaps? As your child's first, and most important teacher, it's important for you to set them up for success.

Play is essential. Toys and play help kids take root and thrive in their environment. They help kids reach new milestones, expand abilities, teach concepts, create new understanding, and reveal new perspectives. So, how can you choose the right toys for your child- toys that make your child smarter, and toys that won't end up in the back of the closet, a garage sale, or a donation pile?

Scholar's Choice can help. Our Learning Experts know how children learn and what toys, games and materials can help them reach their full potential.

If you want toys that will help make your child smarter, then here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Choose toys that are Age Appropriate
  • Choose toys that are Interesting to your child
  • Choose toys that will Challenge your child
  • Choose toys that are Sensory Stimulating
  • Choose toys that are Open-Ended
  • Choose toys that are Fun for the Whole Family

Age Appropriate

Choose toys that reflect your child’s stage of development. Children won’t play with a toy that is too advanced or not challenging enough.


There must be something about the toy that appears to your child. Whether it is animals or the solar system, if it’s something that interests them, they will play with it again and again.


Toys need to challenge children in order for them to progress developmentally. Does the toy offer different skill levels or various ways in which it can be played so your child can keep expanding their knowledge.

Sensory Stimulating

Toys that have lights, sounds, scent or texture help children with their sensory processing.


Open-ended toys allow the child to be creative within their play environment. The toy may have multiple uses and will have the child thinking up infinite possibilities.

At Home, Gift, Holidays

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