Nov 17

Scholar's Choice School Success Fund

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Scholar’s Choice decided to set up the School Success Fund in conjunction with My Class Needs with the goal to help elementary classrooms in need to help fund innovative education projects that would otherwise struggle to find funding. We have a great education system in Canada and there are great initiatives that are being implemented but there a lot of great ideas that just don’t have enough funding to get off the ground. We have created this fund to give schools the opportunity to get funding to get some of these projects implemented.

The education that our children receive is the greatest gift we can give them and it is important they have access to all the resources they need to have an exceptional educational experience. Elementary school is the time that our children learn the basics that will be crucial in their learning as they progress into higher grades. It is also the time that they learn to love learning, discover that through learning they can do anything. They develop a sense of community from their class and their school. They start to understand how they fit into the world around them.

A great school environment which is made of a great teaching staff plus support workers and a committed parent community make all the difference in creating a learning environment where children can excel. At Scholar’s Choice, we want to make sure we are working together with you as a community partner to ensure you achieve this. We plan to raise funds through our retails stores and online to create this fund so that schools in the local communities that Scholar’s Choice stores reside and our teams work and live will benefit. 100% of the funds raised will be paid out in grants directly to in these communities.

Scholar’s Choice will match your donation dollar for dollar up to S15,000. When donating online, you can choose the school district you would like to support, connecting you with the teachers and projects that will impact your children’s lives. Customers can also donate anytime throughout the year while shopping at their local Scholar’s Choice store. All donations received at local Scholar’s Choice stores will be granted to local classrooms to enhance learning experiences for local students.

Help a classroom in need in your community today! Donate now!

Here’s how to get started: Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc come into a Scholar’s Choice store or go online and contribute. We track the donations by geographic area so we know how much money is available to grant in each region. We match the funds for each funding period by region. You work as a school community to mobilize your community to contribute to maximize the funding for your project. Your school goes online at My Class Needs and registers your project. We will have two funding time periods for the year. You will need to meet the criteria for each funding period. All applications will be reviewed and we will award what we feel are the best projects. Consideration will be made as to the commitment of the school community overall and the innovative nature of the project and the application

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At Home, Classroom, School age, Success Fund

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