Mar 27

5 Great Fidget Toys and How to Utilize Them in Your Classroom

Classroom, autism, fidget, anxiety, ADHD, sensory

Do your students reach out and grab things, pick up small items and play with them, or seek out other children’s possessions?

In many of the above...

Mar 23

Making Manners Matter: 4 Magic Words

Classroom, etiquette, manners, please and thank you, teaching manners, tips for kids manners

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between etiquette and manners?

Both rely on a basic underlying principal: treat people with respect and...

Mar 23

5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Class Field Trip

Classroom, class trips, field trip tips, field trip ideas, field trip plans

Have you ever pictured the worst field trip possible? Lost students, missing the bus, showing up on the wrong day, a snake bite, bee sting allergies,...

Mar 16

6 Gardening Lesson Ideas to Teach Students About How Things Grow

Classroom, garden, grow, egg, plant

Gardening is a great way to introduce students to valuable concepts like cause and effect, the source of the food we eat, and how to take care of...

Mar 08

Creating Inspirational Early Learning Environments

Childcare, Classroom

Creating environments for learning is more than simple room arrangement.

Well-designed environments that are stimulating and dynamic have these key...

Mar 02

5 Tips For A Beautiful Spring Celebration In Your Classroom This Year

Classroom, Spring, decorative, butterflies

Spring is almost here, and you know what means... colour! Sunshine! Fresh air! 

There is nothing that rings in the spring better than colour! Our new...

Feb 20

Life Cycle Observations of Our Painted Lady Butterflies

At Home, Classroom, butterflies

Day 1

Our caterpillars have arrived! The care information that came with our caterpillars says that they are in their 2nd instar, which means they...

Feb 16

Introducing Game-Based Learning Into Your Classroom

Classroom, Games, learning

Games have so much value in the classroom, but often teachers are afraid of introducing them for fear of diverging from the curriculum, seeming too...

Feb 12

Olympic Learning Resources

At Home, Classroom, Olympics

Cheer on the Canadian Olympic Athletes with Scholar's Choice!

Tune in from February 9th to February 25th and cheer on your country's best athletes!...

Feb 08

Our Most Popular French Games For Your Classroom

Classroom, french

Over the years, it becomes clear to us what products teachers simply can't live without.

There are many resources we carry here at Scholar's Choice...

Feb 02

10 Fun And Creative Valentine's Day Cards To Make With The Kids

At Home, Classroom, cards, valentines

Buying a box of premade Valentine's Day cards is never going to be as much fun as putting together your own. 

Students of all ages will love to...

Jan 16

Why Your Students Will Benefit From Puzzles In The Classroom

Classroom, Puzzles

Looking for a new quiet activity students can go to when they are finished their work early?

Have you considered utilizing a puzzle table in the...

Jan 11

5 Quick and Easy Tips For The Classroom Makeover Of Your Dreams

Classroom, Makeover, Style, Tips, Decorate, DIY

Does your classroom need an upgrade, but the task seems a bit overwhelming? Scholar’s Choice is here to help with 5 easy tips on how to turn your...

Jan 05

Too Cold Outside For Recess? 6 Activities To Keep The Kids Busy Indoors

Classroom, cold, Indoor play

It is brutally cold out there this time of year (in MOST of Canada -- we're looking at you, BC), and sometimes recess needs to be cancelled to keep...

Dec 22

Classroom Makeover Contest


The Contest

Spruce up your classroom with fresh decor, new classroom decorative and an updated bulletin board set by entering to win a $250 classroom...