Mar 13

Making Before and After School Programs an Exceptional Experience

Childcare, before and after school

Before and After School and Early Learning Programs are not an extension of the school day: they need to stand alone as a time children get to move,...

Mar 08

4 Steps To Engage Young Children With Math Concepts

Childcare, math

Early Learning Classrooms need to be rich with materials that encourage math exploration and learning. 

If children begin math at a young age, they...

Mar 08

4 Ways Coding Toys Prepare Children For The Future

Childcare, coding, robots

Coding is now considered basic literacy, so it is important that children understand how to interact with coding language as they learn to read and...

Mar 08

How to Create an Exceptional Sand and Water Play Area

Childcare, sensory, sensory play

It is important to give children the space and time to investigate the world around them using all their senses, what better way to do that then...

Mar 08

Nurture Your Youngest Learners Through Play

Childcare, infant, toddler

Learning through play is what our infants and toddlers do best! 

It is important to include toys and manipulatives that offer young children many...

Mar 08

Creating Inspirational Early Learning Environments

Childcare, Classroom

Creating environments for learning is more than simple room arrangement.

Well-designed environments that are stimulating and dynamic have these key...

Mar 02

Tips For A Beautiful Spring Celebration In Your Early Learning Centre This Year

Childcare, Spring, decorative, butterflies

Spring is almost here, and you know what means... colour! Sunshine! Fresh air! 

There is nothing that rings in the spring better than colour! Our new...

Feb 23

Indoor and Outdoor Activities For Rainy Spring Days

Childcare, outdoor, water, rain

In the springtime it seems to rain nearly every day, so why not embrace it?

Here are some products for your childcare facility that kids can play...

Feb 15

The Best Outdoor Play Products For Your Childcare Facility

Childcare, outdoor, play

Spring is coming, and you know what that means... outdoor play! 

It seems like we have been cooped up inside for way too long this year, so what...

Feb 09

Our Favourite Multicultural Products To Ensure Your Childcare Facility Reflects The Children In It

Childcare, diversity, multi-cultural

One of Canada's greatest features is its diversity, so why not celebrate that every day!

With our wide selection of multicultural resources, games,...

Feb 01

DIY Borax-Free Valentine's Day Slime

Arts & crafts, At Home, Childcare, DIY, slime

DIY Slime is great for kids of all ages. Slime is a great way to introduce early science concepts and is always a lot of fun!  

Slime is a fantastic...

Feb 01

3-Step Easy Valentines Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

At Home, Childcare, craft, valentines

Valentines Day is approaching, so get out the red and pink construction paper, because this is the craftiest time of year!

We made three heart-themed...

Jan 25

The Benefits of Block Play For Infants and Toddlers In Your Childcare Centre

Childcare, blocks, block play

Building blocks and construction toys are a staple in childcare facilities for preschool age children, but did you know the benefits of block play...

Jan 24

The Benefits of Block Play For Infants and Toddlers

At Home, Childcare, blocks, block play

Building blocks and construction toys are a staple in the toy boxes of preschool age children, but do you know the benefits of block play for babies...

Jan 17

5 Reasons Why Puzzles Are Great For Enriching The Cognitive Development Of Toddlers

Childcare, Puzzles

Puzzles are a great tool for encouraging cognitive development in children of all ages, but have you ever wondered about the benefits of puzzles for...