Mar 19

3 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids of all Ages

Arts & crafts, At Home

1. Shaving Cream Easter Egg

This giant egg is so fun to make and provides a new tactile experience for kids. 

Mar 16

6 New Creative Kits for a Weekend Jam Packed with Fun

At Home, create, kit, clay, kits, lab, spa

Kits are a great way to spend a weekend at home or a rainy day when there is nothing to do.

They are also great tools for children who need more...

Mar 16

6 Fun Gardening Ideas to Get Your Grandkids Interested in Mother Nature

At Home, garden, grow, egg, plant

Gardening is a great way to connect with your grandchildren while introducing them to valuable concepts like cause and effect, the source of the food...

Mar 08

9 Great On-the-Go Toys and Games to Get Your Grandkids Thinking

At Home, travel

Going on a special outing or a family vacation can be lots of fun, but it can be a challenge when you have children who are not content while...

Feb 23

7 Fun Activities To Do With Your Grandkids Over March Break

At Home, grandkids, crafts, kits

The problem a lot of parents face when it comes to school breaks is what to do with the kids... but we all know the answer to that...

Feb 22

Traveling Soon? 9 Great On-the-Go Toys and Games to Get Them Thinking

At Home, travel

Going on a special outing or a family vacation can be lots of fun for the whole family, but it can be a challenge when you have children who are not...

Feb 20

Life Cycle Observations of Our Painted Lady Butterflies

At Home, Classroom, butterflies

Day 1

Our caterpillars have arrived! The care information that came with our caterpillars says that they are in their 2nd instar, which means they...

Feb 16

Adapting Games You Already Own To Create New Fun

At Home, Games

Have you and the family played some of your games so many times that they have lost their charms? 

Sometimes it feels like you can wear out a game...

Feb 16

Game On!: How to Plan a Family Game Night

At Home, family, game, night

Families today face the challenge of finding quality time together. Kids are getting older sooner and lifestyles get busier each day. Time is always...

Feb 12

Olympic Learning Resources

At Home, Classroom, Olympics

Cheer on the Canadian Olympic Athletes with Scholar's Choice!

Tune in from February 9th to February 25th and cheer on your country's best athletes!...

Feb 09

7 Ways To Support Your Child's French Education

At Home, french

As more and more parents are sending their kids to French Immersion schools every year, we hear the same struggles from our customers over and over...

Feb 07

Top 6 French Games To Play With Your Grandkids

At Home, Games, french

Enrollment in French Immersion programs continues to rise across all of Canada, so it is no wonder that both parents and grandparents are very...

Feb 02

10 Fun And Creative Valentine's Day Cards To Make With The Kids

At Home, Classroom, cards, valentines

Buying a box of premade Valentine's Day cards is never going to be as much fun as putting together your own. 

Students of all ages will love to...

Feb 01

DIY Borax-Free Valentine's Day Slime

Arts & crafts, At Home, Childcare, DIY, slime

DIY Slime is great for kids of all ages. Slime is a great way to introduce early science concepts and is always a lot of fun!  

Slime is a fantastic...

Feb 01

3-Step Easy Valentines Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

At Home, Childcare, craft, valentines

Valentines Day is approaching, so get out the red and pink construction paper, because this is the craftiest time of year!

We made three heart-themed...