Jan 24

The Benefits of Block Play For Infants and Toddlers

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Building blocks and construction toys are a staple in the toy boxes of preschool age children, but do you know the benefits of block play for babies...

Jan 23

5 Reasons Why All Grandparents Should Have Construction Toys In Their House

At Home, blocks, block play

Fact: you can never go wrong with construction toys. 

Whether it is Mag Snaps, LEGO, or Plus Plus, everyone loves to build something from nothing,...

Jan 19

The Mental Advantages of Puzzles: Why Puzzles Benefit Kids Of All Ages

At Home, Puzzles

One of the greatest things about puzzles is that anyone can enjoy them, and they continue to benefit your brain at any age.

Putting together puzzles...

Jan 13

5 Reasons Adults Of All Ages Should Be Doing Puzzles

At Home, Puzzles

If you resolved to stay healthy and get in shape this year, be sure to pull out a fun (and challenging) puzzle! 

Although you may not know it, the...

Jan 10

Scholar’s Choice Picks: Top 5 Games To Play With Your Grandkids

At Home, Games, grandchildren, grandkids, grandma, grandpa, Grandparents, board games

When the grandchildren come over, they are always seeking out new and exciting things to do with Grandma and Grandpa – the time they spend at your...

Jan 09

Scholar's Choice Picks: Top 5 Games To Play At Home With Your Kids

At Home, Games, learning

Not only is playing games with your children a great way to spend quality family time together, they can also be essential in building valuable...

Jan 07

7 Fun Indoor Learning Activities To Do With Your Grandchildren During This Cold Cold Winter

At Home, grandkids, Grandparents

Grandchildren coming for a visit?

It can be exhausting trying to think up enough activities to keep the kids entertained when it is too cold to go...

Dec 21

5 Ways to Get Back into the School Routine After the Holiday Break

At Home, Holidays, new year, routine

The holidays are coming to an end and its almost time for you to head back to work and for your children to get back to school. During the holidays,...

Dec 18

6 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve With Kids

At Home, Family Activities, new year

New Year's Eve is often seen as a holiday for adults, but what if you want to ring in the new year with your kids? We have compiled a list of fun...

Dec 11

Tips And Ideas For Creating Meaningful Holiday Traditions With The Family

At Home, Family Activities, Holidays

Are you thinking about ways that you can create magical memories with your family this holiday season, and want to spice up your normal holiday...

Dec 08

Making Learning Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's House

At Home, Grandparents

Does your grandchild spend a lot of time at grandma and grandpa’s house? In addition to growing a lasting bond between you and your grandchild (and...

Nov 20

The Greatest Contest Ever

At Home, Greatest Contest Ever, The Greatest Jersey Ever, contest

“Henderson has scored for Canada!”

The Story...

These are five words that Canadians of a...

Nov 17

Scholar's Choice School Success Fund

At Home, Classroom, School age, Success Fund

Scholar’s Choice decided to set up the School Success Fund in conjunction with My Class Needs with the goal to help elementary classrooms in need to...

Nov 09

5 Research-Based Reasons Why Family Game Nights Are Important

At Home, Family Activities, Family Game Night, Games

Although your children may find it hard to believe, there was a time long, long, loooong ago (like when you were a kid) when families used to gather...

Nov 09

Our Top Birthday Picks

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Can’t stand hunting last minute for the perfect birthday present? Here are the top 9 best kids’ toys our Scholar’s Choice managers swear by. Stock up...